Software and Service Engineering

Professor in charge: Casper Lassenius
Extent: Long (55-65 credits) or compact major (40-45 credits). Students taking a compact major take also a minor (20-25 cr). Students taking a long major may include an optional minor in their elective studies.
Abbreviation: SSE
Code: SCI3043
School: School of Science


Digital products and services are crucial to economies, societies and human well-being. For companies and other organizations, they offer exponentially expanding opportunities for new functionality and capabilities beyond traditional product boundaries. Students of Software and Service Engineering learn how to design, develop, and manage digital products and services that create business value and satisfy user needs within modern organizations. Students learn how to tackle wicked, real-world problems taking human, societal and organizational factors into account.

The major has four tracks making it possible to specialize in software engineering, service design and engineering, user-centered design, or enterprise systems.

Structure and Content

SSE offers both long and compact majors. The following tracks are available:

  1. Software Engineering
  2. Service Design and Engineering (SDE)
  3. Enterprise Systems

All the students majoring software and service engineering take the major common courses (10 credits). In addition, they take courses according to their study track. It is strongly recommended that students also participate in the Portfolio course in Software and Service Engineering (CSE-E5695)

Major common courses 10 credits






Software Engineering *



CS-E4900 User-centred Methods for Product and Service Design



* If the course have been taken as part of the B.Sc. studies, it can be substituted with any optional courses of the track the student is studying. In the case the student has taken similar course at another institution, the professor should be contacted for discussing possible substitution. 

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