Audiovisual Entrepreneurship

Basic information on the minor

Name of minor in other languages: Audiovisuaalinen liiketoiminta

Scope of the minor in credits: 15-30 credits

Teacher-in-charge for the minor: Aleksi Bardy

Language of instruction in the minor: Finnish or English

Target group: Open minor

Limitations to the minor: a background in the subject is a prerequisite (see the application instructions)

Level of the minor: mainly MA level

Description of content

Learning outcomes for the minor

The student gains an understanding of the philosophy of audiovisual entrepreneurship, the changing operating environment and creative management.

Content of the minor

This tailored minor entity consists of courses on the current state of audiovisual entrepreneurship, such as marketing, business planning, international co-productions and other key elements relating to the topic. The courses are mainly MA-level courses from the Film and Television Producing course offering.

As part of the study module, the student completes an analytical essay, either entirely in writing or as a combination of a written and a practical section. The essay is 10-15 pages (only in writing) or 5-10 pages (written + practical). The practical section can be related to an exercise carried out at the school or to a production outside the school. The entity can also be completely entirely in English.

Structure of the minor

The entire course content is planned on an individual basis according to the student's needs, earlier studies and competence as well as the other course offering.

Timing of the minor

Periods I-V

Application and selection

Number of positions in the minor

0-4 students are selected per academic year.

Application process and criteria for selection

Normal application periods are observed for internal mobility and JOO application. The application period for minors for Aalto University students is 1-15 May 2014 and application takes place via eAge  Students from other Finnish universities apply for the minor in the JOOPAS system during the JOO application period

Minor students are required to have prior knowledge of the audiovisual field (for example, through education in another major or professional experience), good English skills, and a commitment to the field and its development demonstrated in a motivation letter.

Students of the Department of Film, Television and Scenography  who will transfer to a new programme can apply to the minor until the end of May. During the applying period the applications should be sent via the eAge system. After the application period applications should be sent to the study coordinator of the minor.

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