Costume design

Basic information of the minor

The name of the minor in other languages: pukusuunnittelu, kostymdesign,

Extent of the minor in ECTS credits: 15 -25 credits

Teacher in charge: Merja Väisänen

Language of instruction: English and Finnish (it’s also possible to tailor a minor only from the courses that are in English)

Target group: ARTS students, University of the Arts, Aalto other students, and students from other universities.

Limitations: Anyone interested in costume design

Level of the minor: BA: subject studies, MA: advanced studies

Content of the minor

Learning outcomes of the minor

The student is able to identify the field of costume design, and to recognise the basic concepts and practices of costume design in different performance areas. He / She is able to interpret the meanings and functions of costume within live and screen performance. The student is able to read the performance through the characters.

If a student already has a background in a related design field, at completion of the minor he/she will be able to design and realize the costumes for a live performance or for screen (design focus).

The student is also able to analyse the costume design of a performance (theory focus).

Content of the minor

For an international/foreign student the minor can be tailored from the courses available in English.

Timing of the minor

Periods I, II, III, IV, V. The student’s individual programme is planned according to the student’s background, needs and availability of courses. The minor is allowed to study for two academic years’ time.

Applying to a minor

Number of available places

New minor students per year are maximum 6. If there are more than 6 applicants, students of Production Design and Scenography are prioritised.

Application process and selection criteria

Application to the programme can be done either via Aalto University eAge system’s internal minor application process, or under JOO agreement from other Finnish Universities. Application time for is 1.-15.5.2014. Aalto students apply via eAge Students from other Finnish universities apply via JOOPAS .

The students interested in minor studies in costume design should write a motivation letter, and a list of proposed courses which they would like to attend. If a student is interested in a design focused minor, then a sample of his/her artistic works should be submitted in a digital portfolio.

Selection criteria:

  • motivation
  • the artistic level of the sample work/works is emphasised when a student applies for the minor in costume design.
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