Individual Minor Subject

Name: Henkilökohtainen sivuaine, Personligt biämne, Individual Minor Subject

Credits: 15–25 credits

Teacher in charge: In Bachelor’s Programme: teacher in charge of the major, in master’s programme programme director or teacher in charge of the major

Target Group: Students of Aalto ARTS

Objectives and content of the minor subject

An individual minor subject is intended for students who study in a Bachelor's Programme in Arts, Design and Architecture according to the new degree requirements that take effect on 1 August 2014.

An individual minor subject is a study module that is confirmed for a student when the student needs competence to complement the major subject or programme studies that cannot be obtained by studying the minor subjects confirmed in the Aalto University curriculum or in minor subjects arranged at other universities. An individual minor subject must always be a target-oriented module that can be named. The minor subject cannot be used to compile a group of random courses into a minor. The minor subject may not have the same name as the student's major subject.
An individual minor subject can also be confirmed for a student during or after the bachelor's degree transition period if a minor subject that becomes compulsory in the new degree requirements would otherwise slow the student's studies.


Students apply for a minor subject using an application that justifies why the minor subject is necessary in terms of his/her degree and future competence. The student's personal study plan is attached to the application. The student must name the minor subject in the application and describe his/her learning outcomes related to the minor. The teacher in charge of the major approves minor subjects for bachelor's degrees and the programme director or teacher in charge of the major for master's degrees.

For the most part, minors are still selected from the minor subject modules confirmed at Aalto University, completed in an international exchange or as JOO studies in another Finnish university.

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