Taiteiden ja suunnittelun korkeakoulun opinto-opas 2014–15

Curating, Managing and Mediating Art

Basic information of the minor

Extent of the minor in ECTS credits: 15-25 ECTS

Teacher in charge of the minor: Henna Harri

Language of instruction: English

Target group: Students from Aalto ARTS and generally from Aalto University, who are interested and have experience in curating and mediating art, and who are able to insert the minor as part of their degree (primarily students from other master programmes in the Department of Art and Aalto ARTS).

Limitations: Students of CuMMA and ViCCA majors, since the minor courses are part of their Major studies.

Level of the minor: Master level

Content of the minor

Learning outcomes of the minor

The CuMMA Minor concentrates on contemporary arts and its publics. The studies develop comprehensive and innovative knowledge in critical curating, managing and mediating art. The students learn about the multifaceted theoretical and practical sceneries of the art world. On the CuMMA Minor the art world is explored together with the acting artists and professionals, and within the institutions of the national and international art field.

Content of the minor

CuMMA Minor gives an introduction to theoretical backgrounds and practices of curating, managing and mediating on the field of art. The students will have a personal study plan for CuMMA Minor and their studies will be done alongside with the students of the CuMMA Major, bringing their personal knowledge and viewpoint to the CuMMA community.

Structure of the minor




CuMMA minor of 15-25 ECTS consists of altogether 3-5 CuMMA courses selected from a variety of nine (9) courses. The optional courses are:


Theoretical Frameworks of Curating and Mediating Art



Practices of Producing and Exhibiting Art



Tools of Curating, Managing and Mediating Art



Contemporary Art and Art Exhibition as Learning Environment



CuMMA Project



Exhibition and Text Workshop



Art, Everyday Life and Society



Critical Management in Curating



Artistic and Curatorial Research Methodology


Timing of the minor

The minor can be started every second year, next possibility opening in the autumn semester of 2014 (course enrollments in August 2014, applications & selection for CuMMA Minor in autumn semester 2014).

Applying to a minor

Number of available places

In CuMMA Minor there will be accepted max 4 students every second year.

Application process and selection criteria

The applicant will apply through eAge in Aalto 15.-30.9.2014 and in addition he/she is expected to write a motivation letter (max 1 A4 sheet) to describe the former experience, interests and aspirations to make the CuMMA Minor studies.

The selection criteria are student’s earlier performance in studies related to the field of the Minor and a motivation letter, where student’s former experience, interests and aspirations are stated.

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