Taiteiden ja suunnittelun korkeakoulun opinto-opas 2014–15

International Studies Minor

Basic Information

Name: International Studies Minor

Credits: 15–30 cr

Teacher in charge: Bachelor’s degree: Teachers in charge of the majors, Master’s degree: Directors of the degree programmes

Target group: Students of the School of Arts Design and Architecture

Description of Content

International studies minor consists of courses, which are relevant to student’s degree at Aalto University and which are completed during the student exchange abroad. International study minor is a strong and visible unit of international dimension in a student’s degree.

In addition to the professional content of the minor, module aims to produce knowledge and practical skills in languages and intercultural competence.  
International studies minor consists of 15-30 credits and it can be a minor either in Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. International studies minor may include host country language and cultural studies. Terms and conditions of Aalto University student exchange applies.

Minimum requirement to gain the International Studies minor status:

  • Credits: 15–30 cr
  • Minimum requirement for studies completed during the exchange: 10 credits
  • Maximum requirement for language and cultural studies completed in at Aalto University 5 credits
  • Traineeship abroad can be considered a way of completing the module (max 5 credits)


To apply for a minor, students file an application describing the contents of the planned studies, and provide a personal study plan (HOPS) as an appendix to the application. The minors of the bachelor’s degree are approved by the person in charge of the major and those of the master's degree by the director of degree programme or the person in charge of the major.

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