Film and Television

Director of the Master's Programme

Professor Aleksi Bardy

Learning Outcomes

A graduate of the Master’s Degree Programme in Film and Television:

  • Can work as a person with main artistic responsibility in a feature-length fictional or documentary film or television production in his/her area of competence.
  • Possesses traditional and modern storytelling skills and knows the dramaturgical tools for story development.
  • Has a mastery of broad artistic and production concepts.
  • Can apply information and skills acquired earlier.
  • Can assess and question traditions in film and television.
  • Can develop new work methods and processes, for example, using experimental and investigative approaches.
  • Is able to identify and develop his/her artistic strengths and characteristics and build an artistic identity.
  • Can take initiative and work in an active manner in cooperation with the production’s artistic working group.
  • Can expand his/her professional skills by further developing personal competence and thinking.
  • Can work independently and contribute to renewing the field.
  • Can function in an international working group.
  • Can continue his/her education by applying for continuing or doctoral studies.

Education Content

The Master's Degree Programme in Film and Television deepens the student's artistic and vocational skills. The student’s skills are developed in the areas of independent work and group work.  In addition to seminars and specialist courses, an MA student of Film and Television can continue developing his/her professional skills in film and television productions outside the school. Students are encouraged to find a research perspective on their own area of specialisation. The student can also specialise in applied areas.

Majors of the Master’s Degree Programme in Film and Television

There are seven majors in the Master’s Degree Programme in Film and Television: Documentary Film, Screenwriting, Film Editing, Cinematography, Film Directing, Film and Television Producing, and Film Sound Design.

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