Language studies in the master’s degree


Compulsory language studies for students whose language of education is Finnish or Swedish are included as part of the Bachelor of Arts degree. If the language studies have not been completed in the phase preceding master’s studies, they must be taken during the master’s degree studies. In this case, the student must take 12 ECTS in language studies (Native language 3 ECTS, Second national language 3 ECTS and Foreign language 6 ECTS) in order to fulfil language proficiency requirements. Students in Architecture and Landscape architecture need language studies as following: Native language (language of education) 3 ECTS, Second national language 3 ECTS and Foreign language 3 ECTS.

Students who have received their education in a language other than Finnish or Swedish or received their education abroad are required to complete 6 ECTS in language studies (Masters of Arts) or 3 ECTS (Architecture, Landscape Architecture


English - Architecture

Bachelor's level

Kie-98.1114 Communicating Technology (o + w), 3 ECTS
Kie-98.1115 Persuasive Communication (o + w), 3 ECTS
LC-1117 Integrated Oral and Written Skills (o + w), 3 ECTS 
LC-1110 Online Writing Skills for Engineers 1 (w), 1 ECTS 
LC-1111 Online Writing Skills for Engineers 2 (w), 1 ECTS
LC-1112 Online Presentations Skills for Engineers (o), 2 ECTS

LC-1113 Autonomous Language Learning Path (o + w), 3 ECTS
LC-1119 Recognition of prior English learning (AHOT in Finnish, o + w), 3 ECTS

Master's level

LC-1310 Academic Communication for MSc Students (o + w), 3 ECTS
LC-1320 Thesis Writing for Engineers (MSc) (w), 3 ECTS

English - Art and design

Bachelor's level

LCA-1010 Writing Inspirations (w), 3 ECTS 
LCA-1011 Talking Art and Design (o), 3 ECTS
LCA-1014 Directed Studies (o/w), 1-4 ECTS
LCA-1015 Autonomous Language Learning Path (o + w), 3 ECTS
LCA-1018 Recognition of prior English learning (AHOT in Finnish; o + w), 6 ECTS

Master's level

LCA-1020 Academic Communication for Master’s Students (o + w), 3 ECTS
LCA-1022 Academic Writing (w), 3 ECTS

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Finnish as a foreign language
For all the schools

LC-7007 Survival Finnish for Exchange Students
Kie-98.7009 Get to know Finland
LC-7311 Finnish 1A
LC-7312 Finnish 1B
LC-7321 Finnish 2A
LC-7322 Finnish 2B

Kie-98.7023 Finnish Conversation 1
Kie-98.7024 Finnish Conversation 2

LC-0010 Each One Teach One, Chinese / English / German / Spanish / Finnish (V)
LC-7025 Language Learning in Pairs (Spanish/Finnish)

Kie-98.7031 Finnish 3A
Kie-98.7032 Finnish 3B
Kie-98.7041 Finnish 4A
Kie-98.7042 Finnish 4B
LC-7050 Finnish 5
Kie-98.7060 Advanced Finnish
LC-7070 Finnish Writing Course, advanced


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