Design for Theatre, Film and Television

Director of the Master's Programme

Professor Liisa Ikonen

Learning outcomes

A student who graduates from the Master’s Degree Programme in Design for Theatre, Film and Television is able to

  • understand the complex demands of performance and production design and the skills required in special areas of creative collaboration, concept development, design and realisation
  • master broad artistic processes through either specialisation and/or diversification across disciplines
  • apply, extend and enhance existing artistic and design skills and specialist knowledge acquired earlier
  • develop new working methods and processes, including experimental or research-centred approaches
  • explore his/her creative potential and develop a personal and/or collaborative artistic vision
  • demonstrate initiative and take an active role as a creative team member in artistic explorations and productions
  • reach a level of proficiency where further external or doctoral studies can be undertaken

Content of the Studies

The master studies in the programme deepen the student’s artistic practice, creative enquiry and professional skills. Students’ abilities are developed on both personal and collaborative levels. A student can either specialize in his/her own area in production and/or performance design, or widen his/her expertise in different areas.

The Majors in the Master’s Programme in Design for Theatre, Film and Television

Production Design, Design for the Performing Arts and Costume Design

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