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The Study Guide of Aalto University School of Business describes the structures of Bachelor and Master’s Degrees and the contents of different study programmes. In addition to WebOodi and Noppa-portal, the Study Guide is the most important tool for the student to plan his/her studies. You can access more detailed course information by using the direct links in the degree structure tables (WebOodi through the course code and Noppa through the course name). In the last column of the table is the teaching period of the course.

Study Guide is supplemented with the following electronic tools:

  • WebOodi has all the courses and their official descriptions, which are offered during the academic year. You have to register to all the courses and exams and this is done in WebOodi. In addition, it is required that each student makes a Personal Study Plan (PSP), often referred to as HOPS. Also registration as attending or non-attending each year has to be done in WebOodi.
  • Noppa-portal consists of individual course pages, including e.g. course descriptions, lecture times, study materials, information on exams, news and announcements for the course and grade results for students.
  • Actual information on general study related matters such as registration for each academic year, planning of studies, attending courses and exams, credit transfers of previous studies and services offered to students you can find in Into-portal. Additionally, each department has its own page in Into, where the programmes and subjects offered by the department are introduced.
  • Further, it is recommended to take a look at the Aalto University site, which presents in depth information on Aalto University and its schools.

Students, who have started their studies before the academic year 2012-2013, can study according to the degree requirements from the year of enrolment or follow any of the later requirements. Study Guides from previous years can be found in Into.

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