Bachelor of Science Degree Studies

The structure of the programme and study modules

Bachelor’s Degree

180 cr

Fundamentals of Business Knowledge

(Common core studies)

60 cr

Intermediate studies

Common programme studies

Specialisation studies (incl. thesis 10cr and seminar 2cr)

60 cr

18 cr

42 cr

Language and communication studies

30 cr

Minor studies

30 cr


The structure of the BSc Degree is as follows:  Fundamentals of Business Knowledge, intermediate study module of the degree programme, language and communication studies and minor study module.

Goals of the Degree Programme

According to the Government Decree on University Degrees (794/2004) 7 § The School of Business Council for Teaching and Research has confirmed the following learning goals for each BSc programme:

  • knowledge and command of the basics of business studies;
  • analytical skills required in demanding master’s programmes;
  • a scientific way of thinking;
  • teamwork and problem solving skills;
  • preparedness needed to work in a multicultural environment;
  • good knowledge and skills for an expert position or entrepreneur;
  • knowledge of business ethics and
  • good communication and language skills for business.

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