Registration for the academic year

A student has to register as attending or non-attending. Only students who register their presence have a right to study. A non-attending student does not have the right to take exams, get credits registered, or receive counselling, student benefits or any certificates. According to the University Act (L 558/2009 39 §, 43 §) a student will lose the study right, if he/she has not registered according to the requirements of the University Act.

Beginning in the academic year 2012-2013, all Aalto University schools will require all students failing to enrol to reapply at their own School’s Student Services through a separate procedure in order to restore their right to study.

A student, whose status has been non-registered at least two semesters in a row and applies for re-admission, is required to submit, a feasible goal-oriented plan for the completion of studies toward his/her bachelor’s and master’s studies within a reasonable period of time. If your study right will be renewed, you have to pay the required re-enrolment fee.

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