Master of Science Degree Studies

The structure of the programme and study modules

Master’s degree

120 cr

Common core studies

12 cr

Advanced studies

Common advanced studies of the department

Advanced specialisation studies (incl. thesis and seminar 30cr)

84 cr

18 cr

66 cr

Minor studies

24 cr

The structure of the MSc Degree is as follows: Master’s degree Professional Skills Portfolio (common core studies), the advanced courses of the degree programme, and a minor study module.

Supplementary studies

A student who has been admitted to pursue only a Master of Science degree and who has not completed a Finnish university degree in the field of economics and business administration, may be assigned supplementary studies for a maximum of 60 credits by decision of the vide dean in charge of teaching.

Goals of the Degree Programme

In addition to the goals stated in Government Decree on University Degrees (794/2004) 7 § the aim of the Master of Science degree in Economics and Business Administration is to provide students with

  • knowledge and command of the basics of business studies;
  • knowledge and skills needed for international managerial and expert positions of the future, or for entrepreneurship;
  • ability to independently produce and apply economic knowledge;
  • ability to deal with demanding questions of business ethics;
  • ability to communicate internationally in business life ; and
  • a readiness for demanding international doctoral programmes.

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