When you are getting close to graduation:

  • check that the courses you have completed are in accordance with your approved HOPS,
  • make the necessary changes to your HOPS and get it approved in time,
  • apply for credit transfer of studies completed elsewhere in good time before graduation,
  • find out how much time is needed at your department for reading and grading your thesis.

The Master’s diplomas are awarded once a month, except in July and August. When you are ordering your diploma, make sure that:

  • all the courses included in your degree are registered in WebOodi (also possible Open University courses and courses completed elsewhere). However, the deadline for registration of thesis, thesis seminar and maturity test is two weeks before graduation.
  • maturity test (essay) must be done, although it would not be registered yet in WebOodi,
  • Master’s Thesis is completed and turned in for the final evaluation.

More information on graduating and ordering the diploma can be found in Into.

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