Registration for the academic year

A student has to register as attending or non-attending for each academic term/year. Only students, who register as attending, have the right to study. A non-attending student does not have the right to participate in courses, take exams, get credits registered, or receive counselling, student benefits or certificates. According to the Universities Act (558/2009 39 §, 43 §), a student, who has not registered according to the requirements of their university, will lose their right to study.

According to the registration practices of Aalto University, students, who have not enrolled for the academic year, need to apply for restoration of their right to study at their own School’s Student Services. A student, whose status has been non-registered for two or more successive semesters, is required to submit a feasible plan for completing the degree within a reasonable period of time. If the right to study is restored, a re-enrolment fee will be charged.

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