Master of Science degree studies

Structure of the degree and study modules

Master’s degree 120 cr

Programme studies

84 cr

Minor studies

24 cr


12 cr

MSc degree studies consist of the following study modules: Programme studies 84 ECTS credits, Minor studies 24 ECTS credits and Electives 12 ECTS credits.

Supplementary studies

A student, who has been admitted to pursue only a Master of Science degree  and who has not completed a Finnish university degree in the field of economics and business administration, may be assigned supplementary studies for a maximum of 60 credits by the decision of the vice dean in charge of teaching.

Goals of the degree programme

In addition to the goals stated in Government Decree on University Degrees (794/2004) 7 § the aim of the Master of Science degree in Economics and Business Administration is to provide students with

  • deep overall knowledge of the area of the specialised master’s degree programme, and very good knowledge of the minor subject or corresponding study entities included in the degree;
  • the knowledge and skills required in challenging managerial positions or positions demanding a high level of expertise, or as entrepreneur;
  • the ability to independently produce and apply knowledge in the field of business administration and economics, and preparedness for demanding international postgraduate programmes;
  • the ability to address ethics, sustainability, and international context; and
  • excellent communication and team working skills.

Proficiency in languages

Proficiency in Finnish

Student shall demonstrate in previous studies or studies included in the master’s degree to have attained such proficiency in the Finnish national languages as is necessary for the attainment of the goals of the degree in economics and business administration.

Proficiency in other languages

For the master’s degree or in studies preceding it, the student must demonstrate to have attained an ability to communicate in international contexts in the field of economy.

Exemptions from language studies

Students who have had their (high school) education in a language other than Finnish or Swedish or abroad may be exempted partly or totally from the proficiency requirements for Finnish national languages or other languages by the vice dean in charge of teaching. More information on Into page Planning your studies.

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