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Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration) degree includes no obligatory language or communication studies. However, many of our graduates will be employed as experts working in demanding positions in an international environment where multilingual business communication skills and the ability to work in a multicultural environment are highly valued. In the light of their future duties, students are recommended to include also language and communication studies in their master’s degree.  

Master’s students have the possibility to include a Minor in Multilingual Business Communication (24 cr) in their degree. The Minor in Multilingual Business Communication consists of two 12-credit study entities completed in two different languages. Please see the description of the Minor in Multilingual Business Communication for details.

In addition to the minor, language studies may be counted towards the elective studies of the master’s degree. In this case, too, students are recommended to take courses aimed at business students and focusing on business communication. As elective studies of the master’s degree, courses are offered in following languages: Chinese, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. In addition there can be other language courses offered by Aalto Open University, see course offerings from

Students may also choose to take other language and communication courses offered at the Aalto University Language Centre (excluding English and Swedish aimed at students of technology and art and design) and count them towards the elective studies of the degree. Registration for all Language Centre courses is done via WebOodi.

Students may also attend language courses of other universities through the flexible study right (JOO) agreement. More information on Into page Internal mobility and JOO studies.

Language teaching including the business communication languages courses recommended to business students takes place in Otaniemi. More information on language and communication studies can be found on Aalto University Language Centre website

Proficiency levels

Proficiency levels of language studies are described by using the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR ). It defines and describes six levels of language attainment from A1 at the Basic User level to C2 at the Proficient User level.  The levels are A1-A2-B1-B2-C1-C2.

Proficiency level of the course can be found in WebOodi course description. Most of the courses have also a target proficiency level.

For Finnish speaking students

Language courses offered at the School of Business can be found in the section Language and communication studies in the Study Guide for bachelor’s degree students. However, notice that English Business Communication courses are only targeted at bachelor’s degree students.

For non-Finnish speaking students

Most of the basic level language courses at the School of Business are taught from Finnish to the foreign language and therefore can only be followed by students who are fluent in Finnish. International students can include Finnish for Foreigners courses as part of the electives of the master’s degree. In addition some of the more advanced level courses in foreign languages may be suitable also for non-Finnish speaking students (see course offerings from the description of the Minor in Multilingual Business Communication). The language of instruction of the courses can be found in the course description in WebOodi.

Finnish for Foreigners

In Finland, Finnish is the most important language in the worlds of work and business. Even though Finland is a small language area and businesses operate internationally, good Finnish skills are essential for building a successful career in business here and for finding one’s place in Finnish society. In fact, many international experts working in Finland have been employed because of their knowledge of Finnish. Proficiency in a rare language like Finnish may also prove useful in international duties elsewhere.

International students may choose 3 to 12 credits of Finnish for Foreigners courses to the elective studies of the Master’s Degree, starting from their current skill level and choose successive courses according to their skill level and objectives. The Finnish teachers guide students in the choice of courses. Read more.

The following Finnish courses will be offered during the academic year 2017-2018:

Finnish 1A (period I, period III, period IV)
Finnish 1B (period II, period IV, period V)
Finnish 2A (period I, period III)
Finnish 2B (period II, period IV)
Finnish 3A (period I, period III)
Finnish 3B (period II, period IV)

Also the courses LC-7007 Survival Finnish for BIZ exchange students and LC-7009 Get to know Finland will be offered in periods I-I and III-V). Business students can also attend all Finnish courses offered in Otaniemi and Arabia.




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