Corporate Communication

Programme description

The Corporate Communication Master’s Programme is designed to give students a thorough, trans-disciplinary understanding of the fields of corporate and organisational communication. The programme views corporate communication both as a business function and, at the same time, as social interaction. Throughout the studies, we highlight the impact of the globalized environment on communication practice, management and leadership. On the world scale, the Corporate Communication Programme is unique in its combination of international business, management and communication.

Through a carefully designed, research-based curriculum, the programme provides students with thorough knowledge of the strategic role of communication in contemporary organizations. The programme offers professional and academic competences needed in managing international corporate communications, engaging in corporate strategy work, and managing internal and external stakeholder relations. In particular, it develops competences within such specific areas as organizational communication, investor relations and issues management. In addition, throughout all course work and problem-based learning activities we practise the skills needed for a variety of multicultural and multilingual encounters.

Learning outcomes
A student graduating from the Corporate Communication Programme will have a thorough understanding of 

  • the strategic role of corporate communication for business operations;
  • the specialist areas of corporate communication, e.g. organizational communication and leadership, investor relations, issues management, change and crisis communication;
  • the theoretical foundations of communication and media research; and
  • communication as social interaction.

A student graduating from the Corporate Communication Programme will have the abilities to

  • manage the stakeholder relations involved in the various specialist areas of corporate communication;
  • analyse, plan and conduct corporate strategy work from the perspective of communication;
  • apply appropriate theory and methods to produce new knowledge related to communication and media; and
  • argue convincingly & demonstrate excellent communication skills.

Career prospects
The programme gives the students excellent qualifications for a variety of specialist and executive positions within the areas of communication, management and international business. CC graduates will work, for example, as communications managers, specialists and consultants in internationally operating organizations. In addition, career prospects include work in communications training and research. 

Programme director
Assistant Professor Kirsi Eräranta

Programme committee
External members:
Erna Bodström, Doctoral Candidate, Communication, University of Helsinki
Jouni Heinonen, CEO, Pohjoisranta Burson-Marsteller Oy
Laura Kaustinen, Director, Communications & Training, ProCom ry / Oy
Auli Packalen, Marketing Director, Communicea Oy
Atte Palomäki, Executive Vice President, Communications & Branding, Wärtsilä Corporation

AaltoBIZ internal members:
Rita Järventie-Thesleff, Professor-of-practice
Anne Kankaanranta, Senior University Lecturer
Marja-Liisa Kuronen, Senior University Lecturer
Johanna Moisander, Professor, Vice Program Director
Pekka Pälli, Senior University Lecturer
Berit Söderholm, Study Coordinator
1-2 student members from student association KY-Comms
Chair:  Assistant Professor Kirsi Eräranta

Additional information
Department of Management Studies / Organizational communication


Degree requirements 120 cr

1. Programme studies 84 cr

Mandatory studies 60 cr


Managing Corporate Communication

6 cr

I / 1st year


Corporate Communication Research

6 cr

III / 1st year


Corporate Communication Practices

3 cr

II / 1 st year


Organizational Communication (book exam)

3 cr

II, IV / 1st year


Capstone: Business Development Projectapstone: Business Development Project

6 cr

I-II, III-IV / 2nd year


Master’s Thesis

30 cr

 I-V / 2nd year


Master’s Thesis Seminar

6 cr

IV-V 1st year spring and I 2nd year autumn / 1-II 2nd year


Proficiency Test

0 cr


 Elective studies 24 cr

Choose at least 2 courses (12 cr) from the following:


Communication in Strategy Work

6 cr



Investor Relations

6 cr



Issues Management

6 cr



Media Management

6 cr



Organizational Communication and Leadership

6 cr



Corporate Communication Special Topics
(Introduction to Visual and Multimodal Communication)

6 cr



Corporate Communication in Global Contexts

6 cr



Business Presentations

3 cr



Business Negotiations

3 cr


 *) Not lectured 2017-18
**) Not offered anymore

You can choose two of the following courses offered by other subjects at our Department:

75E09900 Communicum course at the University of Helsinki 6 cr *)
21E00012 Gender and Diversity at Work  6 cr  IV
21E00031  21E01050 6 cr   IV
21E00051 Strategic Human Resource Management  6 cr   II
21E00030  Strategy work 6 cr  II
21E01050  Management and Strategy Making (book exam) 6 cr  I, III, V
21E06050  Responsibility Management (book exam) 6 cr  II, III, V
25E18000 Sustainable Entrepreneurship 6 cr IV
25E19000 Entrepreneurial competencies 6 cr *)
25E50000 Venture Ideation 6 cr I
26E00250 Doing Business in China 6 cr   I
26E03100 Driving Global Businesses  6 cr   I
26E03200 Managing in a Global Context 6 cr *)
Perspectives on the Multinational Corporation
6 cr III
26E03400 People Management in Multinational Organizations 6 cr  IV
51E00100 Business Ethics 6 cr  IV

Project Work 1)

6 cr

1) Must be approved in advance by the programme director.
*) Not offered anymore

2. Minor studies 24 cr

3. Degree Electives 12 cr

Here you can freely choose up to 12 cr from the entire offering of Aalto University.

CC Master's: Study Progression

The following is an example of how you could organize your studies in order to graduate in two years, studying full time. The plan might vary, depending on for example your choice of minor studies.

Year 1, Fall
Managing Corporate Communication 6 cr
Corporate Communication Practices 3 cr
Organizational Communication (book exam) 3 cr
1 elective CC course 6 cr
Minor studies 6 cr
1 elective course from any Aalto School offerings 6 cr
Total: 30 cr

Year 1, Spring
2 elective CC courses 12 cr
Corporate Communication Research 6 cr
Minor studies 12 cr
Total: 30 cr

Year 2, Fall
1 elective  CC course 6 cr
Capstone 6 cr or in year 2, spring
Thesis, start                                    
Thesis seminar 6 cr
Minor studies 6 cr
Total: 18-24 cr (+ Thesis work and thesis seminar started)

Year 2, Spring
Capstone 6 cr or in year 2, fall
Thesis completed 30 cr
Proficiency test
Thesis seminar (continued) 6 cr
Total: 36-42 cr

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