Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

Programme description

The Master’s programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management (EIM) is designed to provide students with 1) the mindset and skills for new business creation be it in independent start-ups or in the context of established organisations, and 2) a broader understanding of entrepreneurship and innovation from individual, organisational and societal perspectives.

A defining feature of the curriculum is a pronounced emphasis on action learning. Among other things, you will find yourself pitching business ideas to real investors and potential customers, analysing business cases and developing strategies for innovative products and services, and exercising enterprising competencies in real-life settings. Working in teams consisting not only of business but also of design, science and engineering students, facilitates a rich learning experience and unique networking opportunities for future careers.

In general, the EIM programme enables students to graduate within 4 semesters, but the EIM programme also offers students to choose the “Fast-Track”-option, to be able to graduate within three semesters (see proposed “Fast-Track”-study guide here): Fast track

Learning outcomes
A student graduating from EIM will be able to

  • generate new business ideas in a systematic manner, using appropriate tools and concepts
  • take steps to strategically exploit new business opportunities
  • create, test and pitch new business models
  • lead and manage complex business projects
  • work in teams with colleagues from different backgrounds

In addition, EIM graduates will have a thorough understanding of

  • the role of entrepreneurship and innovation in social, sustainable and economic value creation in different contexts, such as for-profit venture initiatives (start-ups, innovations emerging from established organisations), sustainable cooperative firms and social enterprises
  • entrepreneurship and innovation as multi-faceted phenomena from the perspectives of individuals, firms and society
  • how to apply appropriate theory and methods to produce new business knowledge

Career prospects
While some of the programme’s students start their own ventures during the course of their studies, most of our graduates start their careers in paid employment. Knowledge of the process of new business creation, managing innovations and skills in dealing with complex projects provide an excellent foundation for diverse careers in the highly dynamic, competitive and uncertain world of business. EIM graduates are well qualified for example, for project management, consultancy or any other business function where a holistic mastery of a larger business entity is called for. Graduates of this programme can also work in the public sector at the regional, national and supra-national (EU, OECD) level as entrepreneurship and innovation specialists.

Degree Programme Director
Assistant Professor Ewald Kibler

Programme committee
External members:
Juha Karppinen, Managing Director, PintPlease Global Ltd
Dr Kari Uusitalo, Senior Technology Advisor, Tekes
Dr Olli Vuola, Executive Director, Aalto Ventures Program
Prof Joakim Wincent, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Hanken School of Economics

Internal members:
Prof Teemu Kautonen
Dr Ewald Kibler, Assistant Professor, Entrepreneurship
Dr Myrto Chliova, Assistant Professor, Entrepreneurship
Two students from MSc Entrepreneurship

Additional information
Department of Management Studies website

Degree requirements 120 cr

1. Programme studies 84 cr

Mandatory studies 66 cr


Venture ideation1)

6 cr

I / 1st year


Entrepreneurship and Society

6 cr

II or IV / 1st year or II / 2nd year


Researching Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2) 

 6 cr

II, IV / 1st year or II / 2nd year


Market Entry strategies for Entrepreneurial Business

 6 cr  *)


Capstone: Business Development Project (Entrepreneurship)

6 cr

I-II, III-IV / 2nd year




Doing Qualitative Research


Doing Quantitative Research

6 cr


6 cr

I, IV / 1st year or I / 2nd year


 I / 1st  year or I / 2nd year


Master’s Thesis

30 cr

1st year spring or  I-V / 2nd year


Master’s Thesis Seminar

6 cr

III, V / 1st year spring or I, III, V 2nd year


Maturity Test

0 cr


1) Replaces 25E48000 Introduction to New Venture Creation Process
2) Replaces 25E32000 Entrepreneurship as a field of science
*) Not offered anymore. Students who did not earlier complete the course on Market Entry Strategies for Entrepreneurial Business must complete the course on Entrepreneurship and Society 25E55000.

Elective studies 18 cr

Want to learn more about entrepreneurship and managing start-up?

25E19000 Entrepreneurial Competencies 6 cr *)
25E44000 Venture formation 1) 6 cr II
25E00901 Project work 2) 6 cr I-V
25E54000 Current issues in entrepreneurship and innovation 6 cr **)
25E31000 Entrepreneurship and Managing Innovations 6 cr II
  Courses from Aalto Ventures Program AVP    
75E24000 Business Presentations 3 cr III, V
75E25000 Business Negotiations 3 cr IV, V

1) Completion of Venture ideation (25E50000) is a prerequisite to enroll in course on Venture Formation.

Must be approved in advance by the Programme Director. No registration needed via WebOodi.

*) Not offered anymore

**) Not offered 2017-18

Interested in sustainability with a spin of enterprise and innovation?


Sustainable Entrepreneurship

6 cr



How to change the world: Innovating toward sustainability

6 cr



Sustainable Business and Consumption

6 cr



Accounting for Sustainability

6 cr



Sustainable Marketing

6 cr

 I, II

Thinking about a career in business development or management consulting?

21E00029 Managing Mergers and Acquisitions 6 cr V
21E00030 Strategy Work 6 cr II
21E00031 Innovation, Strategic Resilience and Renewal 6 cr  IV
21E00052  Data-Driven Business  6 cr   III
26E00250 Doing Business in China 6 cr   I
26E02500 Doing Business in Russia 6 cr  II
26E03301  Institutions, Partnerships and Responsible Business 6 cr V


2. Minor studies 24 cr

3. Electives 12 cr

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