Management and International Business

Programme description

At the heart of the Master’s Programme in Management and International Business is a practically grounded and research-based understanding of management and international business. The programme encourages students to cross disciplinary boundaries, engage with tough challenges, connect practice with scholarship, invite creativity, and lead inclusive futures.

As an M&IB Master’s student you can specialise in one or two of the following fields:

• Human Resource Management
• International Business
• Strategy Work
• Sustainability Management

In addition to the specialisation options in the M&IB Master’s programme, the multi-disciplinarity of Aalto University allows you to add to your unique professional profile by choosing an interesting minor among the various subjects in Aalto University, or even abroad.

Learning outcomes

The programme seeks to educate open-minded and competent professionals with analytical, conceptual, communicational and cultural sensitivity skills needed to succeed in the international arena.

In close collaboration with companies and other organisations we provide our students a valuable opportunity to learn from real-world cases. We further equip our students with good research skills needed in contemporary organisations and academia.

Depending on your specialisation, upon completion of the Master’s in Management and International Business degree you will be able to:

• understand the nature and challenges of global businesses
• promote cross-cultural interaction
• design, perform and develop (I)HRM practices in diverse organisations
• create new sustainable businesses
• support renewing organisations towards sustainability
• understand strategy work in and across organisations
• analyse markets, businesses and organisations
• conceptualise complex business, management and organisational phenomena
• reflect upon and develop your own professional practice
• do research

Career prospects

Masters from the Management and International Business Programme are widely employable in the culturally mixed and competitive global labor market. The Management and International Business programme prepares students for a range of expert and managerial tasks and positions in domestic and international companies as well as in the public sector and not-for-profit organizations. Consultancy, human resources, communications, international marketing, sustainability management and development work are just a few examples of the wide range of the task areas of our alumni.

Programme director

Saija Katila

Academic tutoring

We strongly encourage students to reserve an appointment for academic tutoring with our programme director, Saija Katila. Academic tutoring includes meeting with the programme director to discuss student's career plans, and the type of minor and courses that would support student’s future plans. Please note: in questions regarding the technical aspects of study planning, you should contact the study coordinator. New students can reserve time for academic tutoring in class during the programme kick-off which is organized in the orientation week. Academic tutoring is also available later on by making an appointment via email.
Academic tutor can be contacted via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The study coordinator of the programme will also meet students regularly to discuss about the more technical aspects of study planning, such as the structure of the studies, planning and timing of studies, and to give guidance regarding study-related matters.
Study coordinator can be contacted via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Additional information

Department of Management Studies website

Degree requirements 120 ECTS

1. Programme studies 84 ECTS

Common studies 48 ECTS


Essentials of Management and International Business1)

6 cr

I / 1st year




Doing Qualitative Research


Doing Quantitative Research

6 cr


6 cr

I, IV / 2nd year


 I / 2nd year


Master's Thesis*)

30 cr

 I-V / 2nd year


Master's Thesis Seminar

6 cr

 I, III / 2nd year


Maturity Test*)

0 cr

 I-V / 2nd year

1) Replaces courses 26E02800 Management and International Business and 51E00500 Academic skills.
Students who started their studies 2013-2014 or 2014-2015 and have not taken one of the two courses above can replace the missing course as below:

  • 51E00500 Academic Skills can be replaced with either 26E03700 Essentials of Management and International Business or 21E72500 Finding Joy and Productivity in Academic Writing
  • 26E02800 Management and International Business can be replaced with 26E03600 Introduction to Management and International Business

*) If your thesis is for the following specialization areas: Human resource management, Strategy work or Sustainability management select 21E99910 Master's thesis and 21E99903 Maturuty test. If your thesis is for the specialization area International business, select 26E99910 Master's thesis and 26E99903 Maturity test

Specialisation studies 36 ECTS
Capstone 6 ECTS
20E99904 Capstone: Business Development Project 2) 6 cr I-II, III-IV / 2nd year 

2) Replaces courses 21E99904 Capstone: Management and International Business, 21E00013 Capstone: Workshop on Innovating Management and 26E03500 Capstone: Global Business Cases.

Alternative mandatory course duo 12 ECTS
Choose two courses from the following list.

Suggested specialization areas, choose two courses:

Human Resource Management International Business Strategy work Sustainability Management
21E00051 Strategic Human Resource Management 6 cr  II 26E03100 Driving Global Business 6 op  I 21E00029 Managing Mergers and Acquisitions 6 cr  V 21E06050 Responsibility Management, book exam 6 cr II, III, V
26E03400 People Management in
Multinational Organizations
6 cr  IV


Perspectives on the Multinational Corporation 3)

6 cr  III 21E00030 Strategy Work 6 cr II 21E10000 How to Change the
World: Innovating toward
6 cr III
                21E00031 Innovation, Strategic Resilience and Renewal 6 cr 11) 21E11001 Dialogues on Corporate Responsibility in Global Economy 4) 6 cr V
21E12002 Capstone in Creative Sustainability 6 cr III-IV
                 21E00052 Data Driven Business  6 cr  III 21E16000 Sustainable Business
and Consumption
6 cr
Elective studies 18 ECTS
Choose three courses from the following:
Human Resource Management International Business Strategy work Sustainability Management
21E00012 Gender and Diversity at Work 6 cr IV  26E00250 Doing Business in China 6 cr I 21E00032 Innovation Processes in Transition 6 cr II 21E12002 Capstone in Creative Sustainability 6 cr III-IV
21E03050 Inside Work Cultures, book exam 6 cr II, IV  26E00800 Global Marketing Management 6 cr III 21E00034 Strategy Process 6 cr II 25E18000 Sustainable Entrepreneurship 6 cr IV
32C31000**) Työsuhdejuridiikka 6 cr IV


Institutions, Partnerships and Responsible Business 5)

6 cr V 21E01050 Management and Strategy Making, book exam 6 cr I, III, V  51E00100 Business Ethics ***) 6 cr IV
 75E18000 Organizational Communication and Leadership
 6 cr
25E50000 Venture Ideation
6 cr 
I  21E16100 Energy Business and InnovationInnovation 6 cr  V

 75E21000 Corporate Communication in Global Contexts 6 cr II 71E00200*) Communication in Strategy Work 6 cr II        
        26E02500 Doing Business in Russia 6 cr  II              

3) Replaces course 26E03200 Managing in a Global Context.
4) Replaces course 21E11000 Corporate Responsibility in Global Economy.
5) Replaces course 26E03300 Operating in Different Cultural and Institutional Contexts.

6) Not offered in 2017-2018

11) Not offered in 2017-2018

**) If already included in the bachelor degree, it is not possible to include this course into the master's degree
***) Course can only be included in the programme once

The following courses can also be included in the elective studies (18 ECTS)
21E72500 Finding Joy and Productivity in Academic Writing7) 6 cr 8)
21E00035 Management and Strategy Book Club I 3 cr I-V
21E00036 Management and Strategy Book Club II 3 cr I-V
25E54000 Current Issues in Entrepreneurship and Innovation 6 cr 10)
26E04350 Business Model Design****) 5-6 cr III
26E05000 Game Industry: Born Global, Innovative and Digital 6 cr II
51E00100 Business Ethics ***) 6 cr IV
75E15000 Investor relations 6 cr IV
75E16000 Issues management 6 cr 9)
21E00902 Project Work ****) 6 cr
75E24000  Business Presentations 3 cr  III, V
75E25000  Business Negotiations 3 cr  IV, V
  Or courses from the alternative mandatory course list    

 7) Replaces course 21E72000 Psychology and Practice of Academic Writing
8) Not offered in 2017-2018

9) Not offered in 2017-2018
10) Not offered in 2017-2018

***) Course can only be included in the programme once
****) Please note that if you complete this course 5 cr, you are required to take additional course from Alternative mandatory course duo 12 ECTS or Elective studies 18 ECTS so that the programme studies are at least 84 cr. In this case you have less credits for the elective (12 cr).

****) Project work, its topic and requirements must be approved in advance by the programme director.

Please note that some of the courses can only take limited number of participants.

2. Minor studies 24 ECTS

 Due to the wide multidisciplinary nature of the programme, no minor studies structure is proposed. Students should choose a minor that compliments their academic profile. Please note that it is not possible to take Management and International Business as a minor.

Minor Studies are chosen from relevant business school disciplines, from other study modules at Aalto University or other available minor studies programmes, for instance, based on studies in a foreign university as an exchange student.   Students must complete the minor studies module to complete the degree. The following options are available:

1. minor studies offered by the Aalto University School of Business, see study guide for options.

2. minor studies offered by one of the official partner universities of the Aalto University School of Business student exchange programme, or an equivalent foreign university. Please see Internalisation and studies abroad for more information.

3. minor studies from other schools of the Aalto University. Please see Aalto Minors guide and internal mobility for more information.

4. minor studies at another Finnish university, as a JOO student. The JOO agreement allows a degree student at a Finnish University to apply for a temporary study right at another Finnish university. Please see JOO-Studies for more information.

3. Electives 12 ECTS

Master's degree includes 12 ECTS credits of Electives. This can consist of for example:

  • additional studies in the degree programme
  • additional studies in the minor study module
  • courses from other programmes
  • language and communication studies
  • studies at another Aalto University School
  • studies at another university through the flexible study right agreement (JOO studies)
  • internship (6 cr).

More information is provided under the titles Language and communication studies and Internship.

 4. Timing of the studies

Please find more information about the planning and timing your studies from here under the Master's programme in Management and International Business.

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