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Welcome to the School of Engineering!

This Study Guide contains information about the Master’s Degree Programmes and the study practices and academic issues at the Aalto University School of Engineering. You can find further information in the following electronic systems:

  • WebOodi ( It includes information and descriptions of courses, registering for courses, examinations and teaching, as well as checking completed credits and ordering transcripts of records.
  • Noppa ( . It is a web portal for everyday course work and communication. You can find course home pages, course schedules, course results, lecture materials and course news in the portal. Noppa, WebOodi and this Study Guide complete each other and are useful tools in planning your studies.
  • Into ( This portal is designed for Aalto University students for information and instructions relating to studies, Aalto services and the University. From Into-portal you can find,for instance, the calendar of the academic year, graduation schedule, degree programme news and events at Aalto. The main page for School of Engineering you can find from the address:
  • Pdf version of this guide is also available for download.

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