International Studies

The students at the School  of Engineering can develop their global competence in many ways, e.g.:

  • studying abroad as exchange students
  • studying on a summer course abroad
  • conducting practical training abroad
  • working on their master’s thesis abroad
  • applying to an English Master’s programmes, being a student tutor for international students etc.

Student Exchange

During your degree studies at Aalto University School of Engineering you have an opportunity to go to international student exchange. This means that you can study for a semester or a full academic year (3-12 months) in a university abroad. Aalto University promotes full-time exchange studies that may be integrated into the degree of the student. Most exchange periods are realized through exchange programmes. Students can also look for a suitable host university independently (free mover exchange).

Student Exchange Programmes at Aalto University:

  • NORDTEK/Nordplus – Nordic countries
  • Erasmus-programme – Europe
  • GE4 –network – Asia, North and Latin America
  • Bilateral agreements of Aalto University or Schools in technology

Also, there are other international cooperation networks such as Nordic Five Tech (N5T) and Cluster that students may benefit when planning to study abroad.

Application times for student exchange:

Master’s thesis abroad

Engineering students at Aalto University may also decide to work on their Master’s thesis abroad. Students can work on their thesis at a university or in a company or a research center. Student can also apply for the scholarship when working on his/her  Master’s thesis abroad. To apply, students must submit a free mover application during the application rounds for student exchanges and include the requisite additional materials. Before application, please discuss the possibility and your plans with your professor. You also need to have a contact and thesis supervisor from the exchange university.

Summer Courses abroad

You can study in a summer course or at a summer school abroad during the Aalto University summer break. Depending on the available resources, the School of Engineering may award travel grants for studies in certain summer schools.

Practical Training abroad

For degree students of Aalto University, practical training abroad is an excellent alternative to exchange studies. As a degree student, you may be eligible for Aalto University Career Services’ scholarships.

Transferring credits

One of the ground rules of student exchange is that students may transfer all the studies completed abroad to their degree at Aalto University. Therefore, all students participating in Aalto University student exchange programmes as well as the students granted an Aalto University scholarship for studying abroad are required to present a personal study plan before their departure. This ensures that student can transfer the credits completed abroad without difficulties to the degree.

Contact information

For further information, please contact International Student Services (K1 Building, Otakaari 4).

Outgoing exchange students: Planning officer Mirka Jalonen (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), room K104b

Incoming exchange students: Administrative assistant Hannele Pietola (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), room K104b 

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