Creative Sustainability

Creative Sustainability is a cross-disciplinary two-year Master’s programme (120 cr) organized jointly by different schools of Aalto University and it is coordinated by the School of Art and Design. In the School of Engineering, it is possible to study in this programme towards the degree of  Master of Science (Technology), with a major in Creative Sustainability in Real Estate.

The programme offers expertise in urban and industrial sustainability along with corporate responsibility. Students will be encouraged to rethink design, architecture, business management, industrial management, and real estate economics, and to create new sustainable solutions for our various environments.

The programme brings together students from different fields to work in multidisciplinary teams, increasing their holistic understanding of different fields and how they interconnect. It is built on a number of fundamental disciplines: real estate economics, urban planning, landscaping, design, construction planning and architecture, responsible business operations, and industrial design in general.

The courses take place in the three different campuses of Aalto University: in Arabia campus (Helsinki), in Töölö campus (Helsinki) and in Otaniemi campus (Espoo).

Please, see more information:

Degree Structure for CS students of the School of Engineering

M161-2 Intermediate Module in Creative Sustainability (20 cr)

 Code  Name  Cr


 Creative Teamwork (ARTS)



 Creating the Mindset of Sustainable Societies (ARTS)



 Continuous Transformation (ARTS)



 Systems Thinking 1 (ARTS)





 Systems Thinking 2 (ARTS)

 Real Estate in Theory and Practice (ENG)

 Sustainable Real Estate Business (ENG)




 ARTS= School of Arts, Design and Architecture, BIZ=School of Business,

 ENG=School of Engineering. Professor in charge Kauko Viitanen.


M162-3 Advanced Module in Creative Sustainability in Real Estate (18-22 cr)

 Code  Name  Cr









Sustainable Building Design (ARTS)

 Sustainable Urban Design (ARTS)

 Sustainable Landscape (ARTS)

 (choose 2 courses above OR 3 courses below)

 How to Change the World: Innovation Toward Sustain. (BIZ)

 Corporate Responsibility in Global Economy (BIZ)

 Sustainability Politics and CSR -reading seminar (BIZ)

Responsibility Management (book exam) (BIZ)









 Professor in charge Kauko Viitanen.


M160-3 Advanced Module in Creative Sustainability in Real Estate (20 cr)

 Code  Name  Cr





 International Land Management (ENG)

 Corporate Real Estate Management (ENG)

 Real Estate Development (ENG)

 Game in Urban Planning and Development (4-6) (ENG)





 Professor in charge Kauko Viitanen.


M901-M Methodological Principles (9-11 cr).
Professor in charge: Kauko Viitanen

Code Name cr
Maa-20.3408 Seminars in Real Estate and Planning (ENG) 5
MUO-E8013 CS thesis Development Workshop (ARTS) 2
Maa-20.3392 Special Assignment in Real Estate Studies (1-10 cr) ENG 3
Professor in charge Kauko Viitanen


M901-W Elective studies (about 20 credits)

For free elective studies students can study courses offered by Aalto University or by other universities as it is possible by Aalto internal and inter institutional agreements and procedures and course specific prerequisites.

Finnish or Swedish language courses are also recommended for elective studies for international students.

Foreign language studies (minimum 3 cr)  are required for the completion of the MSc (Tech) degree. Both oral (o) and written (w) language skills should be demonstrated in the same language. In the master's programme these studies can be either part of elective studies or methodological studies depending on the course.

Please, see Language Centre's web site for the full list of courses that fulfill the foreign language requirement.


M901-D Master's thesis (30 credits).

Please, check the formal procedure of completing the master's thesis (topic, supervisor, maturity test, presentation and graduation). 

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