Master’s Thesis and Graduation

Master's Thesis

The master’s thesis shall be written on a topic related to the advanced studies of the degree programme, agreed upon between the student and the teacher who is specialised in the topic of the thesis. The Degree Programme Committee approves the topic and the language of the master's thesis as well as appoints the supervisor and one or two thesis advisors for it. The supervisor can also act as the thesis advisor. The supervisor shall be one of the professors of Aalto University as defined in Section of the Aalto University Bylaws (a professor in the tenure track career system or a full-time professor in a fixed-term position with a term of more than 2 years). For special reasons, the thesis supervisor may also be another full-time professor of the school (not a holder of the title of docent).

The topic of the master’s thesis can be applied for when at least 60 credits of the Master’s degree have been completed. The topic is valid for one year from the date it has been approved. If the thesis is not submitted for evaluation within that time, the topic expires and must be applied for again. Application form and detailed instructions for applying a topic.

The master's thesis process includes presentation of the finished thesis. The presentation or similar event to showcase the thesis has to be held before the master's thesis is approved and evaluated.

Presentation and Maturity Essay

The master's thesis author also must write a maturity essay to demonstrate conversance with the field of the thesis and proficiency in the language one has been educated in. The requirement of a maturity essay also applies to international students who usually write their maturity essays in English. Maturity tests written in English are only subjected to a review of the contents, not the language.

Evaluation and Approval of the Master's thesis

The master's thesis is graded on the same scale as the other study attainments. The thesis is graded by the supervising professor.  A master's thesis submitted for evaluation must be evaluated within 4 weeks of its submission.

The master’s thesis is approved by the Degree Programme Committee on the grounds of the written statement given by the supervisor. 

The evaluation and approval of the master's thesis shall be requested in writing from the school. To apply for the evaluation and approval of the master's thesis, students go to the on-line system ( . The master's thesis must be submitted to the school in at least two hard-bound copies: one submitted to the professor and the other to the Student Services of the degree programme. The master’s thesis is a public document and as such, shall be displayed in the school library.

Graduation and Certificates

When the student has completed all the studies required for the higher university degree he/she can apply for graduation. It must be applied for in writing via on-line system The degrees for Master of Science (Technology) are approved by the Dean of Aalto University School of Engineering.

If the student has shown excellent knowledge in his or her studies, and shown particular maturity and judgement in the Master’s thesis, the certificate for the Master of Science in Technology may be awarded with distinction. A degree with distinction may be awarded if the weighted average grade for courses for the degree, not including the Master’s thesis, is at least 4.0 and the grade for the Master’s thesis is at least 4. If a course is graded pass/fail, it is not counted in the calculation of the average grade. If some of the student’s courses have been completed at another university, a degree with distinction should not generally be awarded, unless at least half of the degree studies, not including the Master’s thesis, are completed at this university.

The Dean of Aalto University School of Engineering awards the degree certificates in ceremonies which are arranged approximately twice per semester. The dates of the graduation ceremonies can be found at

Students who are unable to attend the ceremony can receive their diplomas from the Student Services, address Otakaari 4, during the opening hours. 

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