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Planning your studies is an import part of your university career. Each student has a study path that begins at the beginning of the student's studies and ends when he or she graduates. The aim is to make the study path as rational as possible while ensuring that the studies progress in a planned manner. To help students plan their studies, the School offers them various example schedules and suggestions for the order in which courses should be completed. There are also various guides and study counseling available.

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Each student studying for a higher university degree has a nominated teacher tutor who is either an academic coordinator of the programme or professor on the major. The purpose of tutoring is to guide the student during his or her studies. Each student has a personal tutor meeting once per academic year. The purpose of the personal meeting is to review the student’s progress and discuss his or her studies regarding student’s study plan. The tutor and the student evaluate the student’s possibilities to complete his or her studies within the set target time frame.

Personal Study Plan

At the School of Engineering, there are two kinds of study plans in use: unofficial personal study plans (omaHOPS) and official, confirmable module level personal study plans (HOPS).

In the confirmed personal study plan (sometimes referred to as VOPS), choices are made on the module level. This means that the student selects the modules that he or she is going to complete and marks them in a form  which is then signed by the student and a representative of the study administration. In both the Bachelor of Science (Technology) degree and the Master of Science (Technology),  the major subject of students is confirmed in the confirmed personal study plan. The confirmed personal study plan may contain attached entities that the student has had approved separately.

The study plan is a binding agreement on both parties: the student and the School of Engineering. It grants the student with a right to study according to the confirmed personal study plan but, at the same time, obliges the student to follow his or her study plan.

A student can have only one confirmed personal study plan at a time. If a student wishes to make changes to his or her confirmed study plan, the plan must be reconfirmed after the changes have been made.

The study plan forms are returned to the Planning Officer or the office of the department. The form can be found from Into-portal:

Unofficial Study Plan

The students can also prepare an unofficial, detailed course-level study plan including a schedule. The purpose of this unofficial plan is to familiarize students with the degree structure and to clarify the student’s personal goals. Using the unofficial study plan the student can monitor the credit accumulation and ensure that the degree requirements are met.

The unofficial OmaHOPS plan can be made using the OodiHOPS tool in WebOodi. It is also possible to create the OmaHOPS plan in other ways.  

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