Environomical Pathways for Sustainable Energy Engineering (SELECT)

Sustainable energy services are one of the key issues for humanity, considering the complete environmental footprint for the services delivered. The SELECT Masters programme starts from the concept basic renewable energy sources (sun, geothermal and moon driven tides) to establish the environomical pathways towards a future sustainable energy system. The SELECT curriculum emphasises the thermodynamic tools of energy and thermoeconomic analysis for training the future energy engineers in advanced well-to-wheel analysis. Sustainability analysis and problem solving, as well as effective knowledge-driven decision making in complex energy systems, are integrated in the curriculum.

Through an introductory two term curricula at KTH, TU/e or at UPC, the concepts of renewable energy, sustainable power generation and environomical pathways are introduced. High-level training in project work and interactive seminars are used for enhanced learning processes. For term three, the students select a focus area to be studied at one other university: e.g., biomass, solar, polygeneration, and fuel cells. In the fourth (final) term the students can perform the MSc thesis in an industrial setting in common supervision with researchers from any of the participating universities

Major: IA3025 Innovative and Sustainable Energy Engineering


Intermediate Module in Energy Systems 60 cr

1. Semester 2. Semester


MJ2490 Environomical Pathways, 6 ECTS

MJ2491 Environomical Pathways, Advanced course, 9 ECTS

MJ2411 Renewable Energy Technology, 6 ECTS

MJ2410 Energy Management,  6 ECTS

MJ2405 Sustainable Power Generation,  9 ECTS

MJ2492 Advanced Renewable Energy Systems Technology, 15 ECTS

MJ2407 Sustainable Energy Utilization, 9 ECTS


Project of the Year, 7 ECTS

= 30 ECTS

= 30 ECTS


K337-3 Advanced Module in Biomass (Select Erasmus Mundus)

Professor in charge: Mika Järvinen

1. Semester

2. Semester


Ene-47.5123 Combustion and gasification technology P,

Master Thesis, 30 ECTS

Ene-47.4112 Power Generation from Biomass IIb, 3 ECTS

Ene-47.4114 Waste to Energy,3 ECTS

Ene-47.4150 Project in New Energy Technologies, 5 ECTS

Ene-59.4201 Energy markets, 5 ECTS

Kie-98.xxxx  Foreign language studies, 3 ECTS

= 25 ECTS

= 30 ECTS

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