European Mining, Minerals and Environmental Program (EMMEP)

European Mining, Minerals and Environmental Program EMMEP (in Aalto University: Master's Degree Programme in Minerals and Environmental Engineering) is a 2-year Master's programme organized in international cooperation. The programme educates new talent, future managers and leaders in the European and worldwide minerals industry. It is taught at multiple locations in Europe and offers for its graduates a double MSc degree.  The Aalto University School of Engineering provides courses for the programme's major European Mining Course (EMC).  During the academic year 2015-2016 the EMC studies take place in the following institutions:

  • Aalto University, Finland
  • RWTH Aachen, Germany
  • Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands

TU Delft is the coordinating university of the programme.

The students who participate to the programme study together in three different European countries and universities for one year. During the second year of the programme students study in two of these insitutions.

As a degree seeking student of Aalto University, you can apply to study in the Master's degree programme in Minerals and Environmental Engineering. TU Delft coordinates the application procedure and application requirements. Please, note that students wishing to enter to the programme are required fulfill all the entrance requirements including the international English language test such as TOEFL or IELTS with a set score.

Study track: R3008 European Mining Course (Aalto)

Professor in charge: Mikael Rinne

R220-3 Advanced Module in European Mining Course, Aalto

Code Course cr
Rak-32.3610 Business Strategies and Risk Evaluation in Mining 5
Yhd-33.3620 Mineral Resource Definition 10
Yhd-33.3630 Environment and Sustainable Development 5
Rak-32.3640 Applied Rock and Soil Mechanics 5
Rak-32.3650 Field Experience and Project in Hard Rock Mining 5


R221-3 Advanced Module in European Mining Course, RWTH Achen

Code Course cr
A/FS Feasibility Studies and Project Management 3
A/RM Reserve Modeling and Estimation 4
A/UM Underground Mine Design 4
A/SM Surface Mine Design 4
A/FM Financial Modeling 2
A/MV Mine Ventilation 6
A/CS Case Study 7


R222-3 Advanced Module in European Mining Course, TU Delft

Code Course cr
D/SS Soft Skills and Leadership 3
D/HS Legal, Health and Safety 10
D/IS Investment Scenario (owner/operator) Identifying & Mitigating Project Risk 3
D/OM Mine Operational Management 2
D/BQ Business and Quality Management and Improvements in Mining 5
D/PE Project Execution/Implementation Plan (Owner vs. Contractor) 7


R902-D Master Thesis Aalto (30 cr)


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