Basic information of the minor

Code: ARTS3072

Extent: 15-25 ECTS

Language: Finnish or English

Professor in charge: Anne Lakanen

Target group: Primarily students of ELO and Aalto ARTS; some courses are available for all students of Aalto University and of the University of the Arts Helsinki.

Application procedure:

The normal application periods for internal mobility and JOO (flexible right to study) apply.

Aalto University students may apply for the minor during the application period running from 1 May to 15 May. Instructions for applying: http://studyguides.aalto.fi/minors-guide/2015/en/minor/instructions-for-applying.html

Students of other Finnish universities apply for the minor during the JOO application period in the JOOPAS system https://haku.joopas.fi

Along with the application, students are required to submit a motivation letter and a preliminary plan on minor studies.

The ELO students transferring to pursue their degree in accordance with the new degree requirements may apply for the minor after the end of the application period, until the end of May 2015. Those who apply after the application period submit their application to the study coordinator of the minor.

Number of available places and restrictions: Some courses are open for all, while for productions, no more than 16 students are admitted per academic year. Students are recommended to apply for the minor in a way that allows them to start studies towards it in the autumn term. If there are more eligible students than places are available, ARTS students majoring in Film and Television and Scenography will be given preference.

Prerequisities: see Number of available places and restrictions

Name of the minor in other languages: Animaatio (fi), Animerad film (swe)

Content and structure of the minor

Learning outcomes

Students will gain insight into the particular characteristics, methods and possibilities of animation, and learn about the variety and job descriptions of the field. The minor develops and complements the students’ technical skills in making an animated film. Students acquire professional practices of making an animated production.

Content of the minor

The studies allow students to deepen their knowledge of methods of character animation through exercises, analysis and animation history. Animation techniques include puppet animation, cutout animation, object animation and hand-drawn animation, digital 2D or 3D animation and combinations of the different animation techniques. Students familiarise themselves with the possibilities offered by animation in different expression forms, different film genres (fiction and documentaries), in games and on the internet, as well as the use of virtual characters and sets as well as special effects. The minor includes courses in screenwriting, production design, sound design and editing, all adapted to animation.

The contents of the minor are tailored for each student as agreed with the teacher-in-charge of the minor. Students choose an entity suitable for their learning objectives (15–25 cr) from the course selection of the minor. Other students than ELO students are recommended to take the courses ELO-C3013 Avid 1 and ELO-C3038 Adobe Premiere to gain the prerequisite knowledge.





Research-Oriented Thinking


Basics in Animation Expression


Animation Exercises


Hahmon elävöittäminen



Idea to Manuscript



Suunnitelmasta storyboardiksi


Basics of Animation Production


Animatic ja tuotantoesittely


Set Design and Character Creation in Animation


Workshop, lavastus, rekvisiitta


Animation Filming


Animaatiokuvaus ja valaisu sekä animointi


Post Production





Sound Design



Digitaalinen kuvankäsittely


Technology (Recommended)

ELO-C3013 AVID 1 1
ELO-C3038 Adobe Premiere 1



The official English names of the courses to be announced later.

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