Pixstories (Visual Storytelling in Digital Media)

Basic information of the minor

Code: ARTS3051

Extent of the Minor: 15 or 25

Language of instruction: English and Finnish

Teacher in Charge: Saku Heinänen

Target group: Aalto University master students

Level of the minor: Advanced studies. The minor subject is ideal for 2nd year MA students.

Applying to a minor:

Number of available places: Max 20 persons. Those who are willing to do the larger option (25 credits) are preferred.

Application process and selection criteria:

Application time for Pixstories Minor Subject studies is 1.-15.5.2015. Instructions for applying: http://studyguides.aalto.fi/minors-guide/2015/en/minor/instructions-for-applying.html

The minor subject is ideal for 2nd year MA students.

Students apply for the Pixstories Minor Subject by doing a prior exercise. This task gauges the student´s motivation as well as her / his ability to compress thoughts into a short narrative form and to suggest a visualization for them.

A transcript of records and an entry exercise need to be attached to the application.

Entry exercise: write a roughly one-page text (max c. 3000 characters), in which you by means of narrative make it clear why you want to study visual storytelling. What kind of a story do you want to tell, and why? Give your text the headline "My Story". Attach some ideas and / or sketches about how you would like to illustrate or visualize your text.

Name of the minor in other languages: Pixstories (Visuaalinen tarinankerronta digitaalisessa mediassa), Pixstories (Visuellt berättande i digitala media)

Content of the minor

Learning outcomes of the minor

Pixstories teaches how to develop your own story idea and how to write it. Pixstories gives skills and techniques for creating a dynamic narrative with an emotional impact. The Minor Subject teaches how to visualize the story and how to create involving characters. As the final outcome of Pixstories, the student produces a short digital animation.

Content of the minor

Pixstories is all about dramatic thinking and storytelling. Pixstories defines what is meant by a story, both in the context of film or animation and in the context of games or other interactive media. The teachers of Pixstories represent a wide array of professionals from theater and literature to game design.

Structure of the minor



ECTS Credits

2015 Autumn term


The courses organized during autumn term are compulsory for all Pixstories students and they are included in the short minor, 15 ECTS.


Story Basics



Visual Design and Storyboard



Animatic Design & Animation Basics


2016 Spring term


If the student wants to take the broad minor, 25 ECTS, is also the course organized during spring term compulsory.


The Production of Animation


Timing of the minor

Periods I-V. The minor studies go on for the whole study year 2015-2016.

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