Aalto University Minors Guide 2015-2016

Note: This Minors Guide describes the selection for the 2015–16 academic year. The guide does not describe the selection for 2016–17, that is, studies pertaining to May 2016 applications for a right to study. To find out what minor subjects and courses are connected to the May admissions process, see the Into pages.

SCI individual courses for all Aalto students

From the beginning of the academic year 2015 – 16, degree students at other Aalto Schools do not need to separately apply for a study right in order to complete courses at the School of Science.

From the pool of enrolled students, participants for the course are chosen according to a prioritizing order defined for the course. If there is such a prioritizing order defined for the course, it is explained in the course description. Before enrolling for the course, check the preliminary requirements at weboodi: https://oodi.aalto.fi/a/frame.jsp?Kieli=6&valittuKieli=6.

You can find the School of Science course listing at weboodi https://oodi.aalto.fi/a/frame.jsp?Kieli=6&valittuKieli=6.

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