Software and Service Engineering

Code: SCI3069

Extent: 20-25 credits

Language: English

Teacher in charge: Professor Casper Lassenius

Target group: All master's students with sufficient prerequisite knowledge.

Application procedure: Open for all students of Aalto University

Quotas and restrictions: No quotas.


Please check the prerequisites of the courses before signing up.


Content and structure of the minor

The minor in Software and Service Engineering provides students with a flexible way of augmenting their major with the basics of software and service engineering. Due to the small number of compulsory courses, students are free to select a set of courses to support their specific interests.

Students select one of the compulsory courses, and additional courses from the recommended elective courses list. Students should check the prerequisites of the courses before signing up.

Structure of the minor




Compulsory courses


CSE-C3610 Software Engineering 5
CSE-C3800  User Interfaces and Usability  5

Elective courses


CSE-C3600   Software Design and Modelling  5
CSE-E4600 Software Project Management  5
CSE-E4605 Requirements Engineering  5
T-76.5150 Software Architectures  5
T-76.5613  Software Testing and Quality Assurance  5
CSE-E5800 User-Centered Methods for Product Service Design  5
TU-E2000 Aalto Introduction to Services P  5
CSE-C5810  Usability Evaluation  5
CSE-C5820  User Interface Construction  5

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