Leadership and Knowledge Management

Code: SCI3078

Extent: 20-25

Language: English

Teacher in charge: Matti Vartiainen, Eila Järvenpää, Esa Saarinen

Target group: All students with sufficient prerequisite knowledge.

Application procedure: Open for all students of Aalto University.

Quotas and restrictions: No quotas.

Prerequisites: TU-C1010 Ihminen ryhmässä (5 op) and TU-C3021 Managing Knowledge and Knowledge-intensive organizations (5 cr)

Content and structure of the minor

The minor in Leadership and Knowledge Management focuses on people in technology-based work, and investigates leadership, collaboration and the human potential as critical success factors for creating and transforming technology-based organisations.
The mission of the minor is to promote the role of people in the success of companies, public organisations and society at large. Its research and teaching concentrates on the fundamental human factors that affect sustainable growth in technology-intensive environments. With particular emphasis on engineering and innovation, the primary interest of the minor is leadership and self-leadership, interaction, knowledge sharing, learning, collaboration, wellbeing and the attitudes of people in the context of work. 

The students doing a minor in Leadership and Knowledge Management will learn to lead and inspire people in technology-intensive environments. They will learn skills and knowledge required to

  • lead change in an organisational context;
  • enhance teamwork and collaboration;
  • create and utilise knowledge in emerging forms of organisations.

Students pursuing this minor will learn to understand human behaviour and gain skills and knowledge required to

  • analyse and utilise individual and organisational knowledge,
  • evaluate and develop organizations and work practices,
  • explore human potential and growth and create better collaboration in organisations.

They will learn to envision a better future and understand

  • how future organisations evolve,
  • how an ethically better future for businesses and society can be built,
  • why self-leadership is essential for building better life.

The minor will bring added value to the student's careers. Combining leadership and knowledge management topics with major studies especially in the Aalto University schools of technology helps students to integrate people-related knowledge to their special technical and engineering skills. Therefore, the competences and capabilities learnt in this minor create opportunities for proceeding to a number of areas of expertise and management.

Structure of the minor





Compulsory courses 10 credits




Knowledge Management in Practice




Leading as Practice



Elective courses, choose 10-15 credits:




Research Assignment in Leadership and Knowledge Management




Collaboration in Networks




Human Potential




Work Design in Organizations




Safety Management in Complex Sociotechnical Systems




Entrepreneurial Leadership




Human Resources in Service Operations




Luovan ongelmanratkaisun seminaari V




Leadership and Knowledge Management, Special Topics


 I, II, III, IV or V (check course website)


Managing Knowledge and Knowledge-intensive Organizations (if not included in B.Sc minor)




Filosofia ja systeemiajattelu (if this course has been completed for Bachelor's degree, it cannot be included in minor studies)



 Note: The Reseach Assignment in the minor is required for those who are planning to do their master's thesis in Leadership and Knowledge Management.

Courses which fulfil the requirements of Leadership and Knowledge Management minor are offered also by Aalto University Open University:
- TU-E3020 Knowledge Management in Practice may be substituted with Ako-E3020 Knowledge Management in Practice (5 cr)
- TU-E3010 Leading as Practice (5 cr) may be substituted with Ako-E3010 Johtaminen ja johtajuus (5 op)
- The elective courses of the minor may include Ako-E3410 Organisaatioteoria (5 op), Ako-E3420 Organisaation kehittäminen (5 op) and Ako-E3140 Suorituksen ja palkitsemisen johtaminen (5 op).

Open University studies are subject to a fee, and the number of participants on the courses are limited. Further information is available on the Open University website.



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