Aalto Service Minor

Code: to be announced later

Extent: 20 - 25

Language: English

Teacher in charge: Matti Rossi

Target group: All Aalto master's level students

Application procedure: Detailed description of the application procedure can be found on the minor webpages at http://asm.aalto.fi The motivation letter and study plan should be sent in pdf format to: Tämä sähköpostiosoite on suojattu spamboteilta. Tarvitset JavaScript-tuen nähdäksesi sen.

Quotas and restrictions: Aalto Service Minor does not have quotas or intake restrictions in place.

Prerequisites: None for the minor. Separate courses may have prerequisites that the students should take into account in their personal study plans.

Name of the minor in other languages: n/a

Content and structure of the minor

Aalto Service Minor is offered to all Aalto master's students who want to get a broad, multidisciplinary general knowledge on services. After completing the minor, the student has a general knowledge of how to manage, operate, design, and develop services and service business successfully. The student has acquired a service-oriented mindset and experience of working in an interdisciplinary manner with students from different disciplines.

Aalto Service Minor offers the student the opportunity to study a mix of courses in service operations and management, design and development of services, service business and marketing, and ICT-enabled and information rich services – or focusing more on one or two of these aspects.

Structure of the minor

Course code


Extent (ECTS)

Mandatory Course


Aalto Introduction to Services


Optional Courses

Pick and choose enough to fulfill minor requirements.

Choose at least two courses from the following core courses.


Industrial Service Operations

3-6 cr


Designing For Services

5cr or 10cr


User-Centered Methods for Product and Service Design



ICT Enabled Service Business and Innovation

5 cr


Information Economy

6 cr


Service Business Models

6 cr

If necessary, choose from the courses listed below to reach total credit requirement. The courses listed below can be included in the minor without separate approval (NOTE: acceptance to Aalto Service Minor does not guarantee that you will be accepted to these courses).


Project Management and Consulting Practice

6 cr


Critical Issues in Information Systems Research 1)

6 cr


Innovation in Operations and Services 2)

3-5 cr


Human Resources in Service Operations

5 cr


Services Marketing

6 cr

1) Course content varies
2) Course not lectured in spring 2017.

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