Information Technology Programme

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Koodi: BIZ30004E

Laajuus: 24 op

Kieli: Englanti

Haku: itpaalto.net

Kiintiöt ja rajoitukset: Kandiopintoja oltava suoritettuna vähintään 60 op

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Information Technology Programme (ITP) is a full time academic summer programme organised in close cooperation with companies in the fields of information technology based businesses and digital design. The purpose of ITP is to provide students with a strong applied understanding of current information technologies. The programme provides concepts and approaches that enable students with diverse backgrounds to operate effectively in the global business environment now and in the future. Students gain valuable real life project experience in the business project course executed during the programme.

All courses are run in the form of intensive modules. A normal one semester university course is compressed to three weeks of full time study. Each course includes 42 contact hours (3.5 hours a day, four days a week) excluding group work and individual assignments. Approximate workload for ITP is 6-9 hours a day throughout the summer. In addition to theoretical studies in ITP courses all students complete a business project for cooperating companies under the programme supervision.

Students need to apply to the programme. More information available on the programme website itpaalto.net.

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Valitse yksi seuraavista osa-alueista Information & Service Business, Strategy & Experience Design tai Digital & Interactive Entertainment




Information & Service Business


Achieving Strategic Advantage Through Distributed Technologies

6 op


Managing Software and Service Business

6 op


Current Topics in Information & Service Business

6 op


ITP Business Project

6 op

Strategy & Experience Design


Strategic Design

6 op


User Experience Design

6 op


Prototyping and Implementation

6 op


ITP Business Project

6 op

Digital & interactive entertainment

47C59000                                  Digital Marketing Strategies

6 op                                           

47C59100 Monetization Business Models 6 op
47C59200 Web and Mobile Analytics 6 op
47C48000 ITP Business Project 6 op

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