Audiovisual Project Management

Basic information of the minor

Code: ARTS3038

Extent: 15-25 ECTS

Language: Finnish or English

Organizing department: Department of Film, Television and Scenography

Teacher in charge: Aleksi Bardy

Administrative contact: Study Coordinator Ilona Virtanen

Target group: Open minor

Application procedure:

The normal application periods for internal mobility and JOO (flexible right to study) apply.

Application period and instructions for Aalto University students:

Students of other Finnish universities apply for the minor during the JOO application period in the JOOPAS system https://haku.joopas.fi

Minor students are required to have prior knowledge of the audiovisual field or education in production or another field. Participation in teaching generally requires fluency in Finnish and English. The application must include a motivation letter that also outlines the applicant's earlier experience.

Quotas and restrictions: 0-4 students are selected per academic year.

Prerequisites: a background in the subject is a prerequisite (see the application instructions)

Name of the minor in other languages: Audiovisuaalinen projektinjohto, Audiovisuell projektledning

Content and structure of the minor

After completing the minor, the student can plan and manage audiovisual productions.

The tailored minor entity consists of project management courses (division of work, scheduling, budgeting, project management, management, etc.). The courses are mainly BA-level courses from the Film and Television Producing course offering.

The minor entity includes participation in the production management of one school exercise (course work, intermediate work or BA/MA film, as a production manager, assistant director or producer).

The entire course content is planned on an individual basis according to the student's needs, earlier studies and competence as well as the other course offering.

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