Computation and Modelling in Engineering

Basic information of the minor

Code: ENG3048

Extent: 25 cr

Language: English

Teacher in charge: Kirsi Virrantaus

Target group: Students who are studying technical sciences. Also students of other schools when prerequisites are fulfilled.

Application procedure: Students who are studying technical sciences are allowed to participate without applying. BIZ- and ARTS-students apply for the minor via internal mobility.

Quotas and restrictions: no

Prerequisites: See WebOodi and/or  MyCourses

Name of the minor in other languages:

Content and structure of the minor

Modern design and production in engineering is based on computer assisted tools and processes as well as use of mathematical and statistical optimization and simulation. Computer assisted design (CAD), building information modeling (BIM) and geographic information systems (GIS) as well as finite element (FEM) and solid models are everyday tools in architectural and structural design of buildings and in design of land use and infrastructures of societies. Computational and mathematical methods are applied in computational fluid dynamics (CDF), mechatronics, traffic simulation, research on climate change, urban studies and – just to mention some of the application fields.   In mechanical engineering design and manufacturing computer aided engineering is applied in design and analysis of manufacturing plants, equipment and machinery and various kind of vehicles and systems used in transportation, energy field and robotics as well as in fluid mechanics. The computerized tools are based on 3D -models of objects and systems which are used in various analyses and design tasks. Modern complex systems require automatized tools and human decision making in design and todays engineer is expected to understand the principles of these advanced tools. The Minor in Computation and Engineering offers introductory courses to geometric modeling, statistical analysis, and decision support by mathematical and computational aids and tailoring and customizing of software applications. This Minor in Computation and Engineering offers a possibility to extend the Bachelor level studies towards engineering subjects. Computation and Engineering is suggested as a minor for the students who are aiming on Master level to studies in which computer assisted tools or computational and mathematical methods are in core role.

Structure of the minor

If there is some prerequisites they can be found from WebOodi and Noppa.





Geometric Models in Engineering 5


Statistical and Stochastic Methods in Engineering 5


Models for Decision Support in Engineering



Application Programming in Engineering



Project Course on Computational Methods in Engineering


Elective courses


You can choose two courses from the table above and replace them with courses from table below so that the Minor will be at least 25 cr.


Computational Assignments in Applied Mathematics



Introduction of Optimization



Data Structures and Algorithms Y






From data to Knowledge


CS-C3160 Data Science 5

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