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The right to study courses or minors will typically be registered within a month after the decision has been made, and you will receive an e-mail notification of the registration. Your right to study is limited only to the specific courses/minor it has been granted for.

Once your right to study has been registered, you can register for courses in WebOodi using your Aalto username and password. Please note, however, that the registration practices, similarly to the other practices of the organising school, might differ from those of your school. That is why you should familiarise yourself with the Into site of the receiving school and particularly with the practical study information. Should you have any problems, you can also contact the learning services of the school or the person responsible at the department organising the course.

If the student is granted a study right for a course, it will not guarantee a place on the course if there is e.g. a quota or priority is given to certain group of students

Duration of the study right

The right to study courses or minors at another Aalto School is always granted for a fixed period: for individual courses, for one year, and for a minor, two years (as an exception, for minors of an extent of less than 18 ECTS, the study right is granted for only a year). Please note that also exams must be taken while your right to study is valid.

If you have not completed all of your studies within the period of validity of your right to study, you will need to apply for a new right to study. Also graduating with a degree from your own school will end your right to study courses or minors at another Aalto School.

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