Individual Minor Subject

Basic information of the minor

Code: SCI3040

Extent: 20-25 cr

Language: According to agreement

Professor in charge:

  • Bachelor’s degree: Professors in charge of the majors
  • Master’s degree: Directors of the degree programmes

Target group: Students of the School of Science

Quotas and restrictions:

Name of the minor in other languages: Henkilökohtainen sivuaine, Personligt biämne

Content and structure of the minor

Individual Minor Subject is targeted only for students who change their study right from the old degree structure (2005 degree regulations) to the new degree structure (2013 degree regulations) and who have already completed courses from a minor which is not offered anymore in the new degree structure.

Individual Minor Subject can be accepted in student’s personal study plan only with good grounds. The courses included in the minor need to create a clear entity, which can be easily named. In the Bachelor’s degree, the professor in charge of the major accepts the minor. In Master’s degree, the director of the programme accepts the minor.

Usually the minor is chosen among minors confirmed in Aalto University, done abroad during student exchange or done in another Finnish university.

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