Minor completed at a Finnish University


Extent: 20-25

Language: As agreed

Teacher in charge: Bachelor's level: Professors in charge of the majors; Master's level: Director's of the degree programmes.
Target group: Students of School of Science

Quotas and restrictions:

Content and structure of the minor

The Minor Completed at a Finnish University is intended for students who complete an entire minor at another Finnish university, primarily as JOO studies (flexible study right). The minor studied must be a fixed module offered or otherwise approved by the university (e.g. the basic studies module of a given subject).  If the extent of the minor does not meet the minimum requirement, the student may complement the minor with other relevant Aalto University courses.

The minor of students majoring in Industrial Engineering and Management or Information Networks has to be in a field of technology, i.e. the content and learning objectives must be consistent with the specific regulations stated in the curricula. Note that in Information Networks this concerns only Bachelor's degree.


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