The aims of the education

Learning objectives:

Graduates of the IDBM programme are able to manage and lead design projects and other individuals in order to undertake new business ventures within global environments. This is seen to include in terms of knowledge:

  1. Individuals must widely understand and be critically able to approach the knowledge that is needed to undertake new business ventures in global environments.
  2. This includes having an understanding and best current knowledge of the systemic nature of global issues and the impact of globalisation; of the multidisciplinary nature of responses needed to address these issues; of the need to possess best knowledge projections of the future through foresight; and the need to understand agile and flexible operational practices.
  3. They must furthermore master the professional specialized concepts, applications and knowledge linked to their own business, design or technology background that are relevant to global business development.
  4. Additionally they must be able to understand the issues related to the creation and application of new knowledge within and between domains.

    In terms of skills:
  5. Operating independently and in teams, individuals must be able to arrive at successful cross-cutting solutions within complex, ambiguous and demanding problem settings and environments.
  6. Furthermore, individuals must be able to create new knowledge and practices, while applying it in multidisciplinary settings.
  7. Individuals must be able to execute demanding tasks in expert and entrepreneurial roles, while also being able to develop new strategic and operational approaches in complex and unforeseeable circumstances.
  8. Within global business settings, individuals must be able to manage and lead initiatives and other individuals.
  9. While demonstrating abilities to accumulate personal expertise and knowledge, the individual must also possess the ability to evaluate the action of self and of teams/groups and be responsible for the professional development of others.
  10. The individual must master excellence in written and oral communication skills within and external to the professional sphere.

To address the relevance of the programme, professional orientation tracks have been identified that are highly relevant to the IDBM programme: research, design, management, consulting and entrepreneurship.

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