The aims of the education

 The generic aims of the education are listed below:

  • Provide the students with a comprehensive understanding on the interaction between human beings and digital technologies on individual, group, organizational and societal levels.
  • The students learn about the joint development of digital technologies and business in a novel human-centered, collaborative and creative manner.

More specific, the studies provide

  • understanding on the role of technology and information systems  within an enterprise and networked business context
  • competences  to work in development of human-centered, user-friendly  ICT-systems for organizations and on society level
  • understanding on knowledge and business networks and networking in different contexts, such as creation and developing business and services,  creating new knowledge or developing organizational processes in collaboration
  • skills to gather, analyze, interpret and present information about users and user experience
  • understanding on and creation of media products, e.g. communication platforms or information visualization tools
  • learning on conceptual solutions for social phenomena employing crowdsourcing, co-creation and sharing  to create novel services. 

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