Advanced Energy Technologies tracks

In order to tailor the Engineering Physics major towards the energy sector, the student is advised to include following courses in the core part of the major: 

Compulsory courses (20 cr):
PHYS-E0441  Physics Special Assignment 10 varies  2. 
PHYS-E0411  Advanced Physics Laboratory 5 III-V  1. 
PHYS-E0412  Computational Physics  III-V  1. 
MS-Exxxx  One mathematics, applied mathematics or systems analysis course*    1./2. 
Recommended optional courses (20 cr):    
PHYS-E0413 Theoretical Mechanics  I-II  1. 
PHYS-E0460  Introduction to Reactor Physics I-II  1. 
PHYS-E0483  Advances in New Energy Technologies  III-IV  1. 
PHYS-E0563 Fundamentals of Plasma Physics for Space and Fusion Applications  III-IV  1. 
* The mathematics courses on the MSc level include: MS-E1651 Numerical matrix computations, MS-E1652 Computational methods for differential equations, MS-E1653 Finite element method, MS-E1654 Computational inverse problems, MS-E2139 Nonlinear programming, MS-E1740 Continuum mechanics I, MS-E1600 Probability theory.     


For completing the extended major, the student can choose 25 cr from the following courses, and also include special assignments and other individual studies, upon agreement with Profs. Tuomisto, Lund or Groth. Further courses relevant to this major can be found in the course listings of the Aalto Nuclear Safety Minor and Multi-Disciplinary Energy Studies Minor.

Courses in Nuclear Science and Technology (choose 25 cr):
PHYS-E0460  Introduction to Reactor Physics  I-II  1./2. 
PHYS-E0562  Nuclear Engineering, advanced course  IV-V  1./2. 
PHYS-E0563  Fundamentals of Plasma Physics for Space and Fusion Applications  III-V  1./2. 
PHYS-E0463  Fusion Energy Technology  III-IV  1./2. 
PHYS-E0564  Nuclear competence portfolio  varies  1./2. 
PHYS-E0565  Programming course on Monte Carlo particle transport simulations  I-II  1./2. 
PHYS-C0360  Säteilyfysiikka ja -turvallisuus  I-II  1./2. 
PHYS-C6360  Johdatus ydinenergiatekniikkaan  III-IV  1./2. 
+ Through JOO at LUT:     
BH30A1900  Thermal Hydraulics of Nuclear Power Plants       
BH30A2000  Modelling of Thermal Hydraulics of Nuclear Power Plants       
BH30A2200  Experimental Nuclear Thermal Hydraulics       


Courses in Renewable Energy Technologies (choose 25 cr):
PHYS-C1380  Multi-disciplinary energy perspectives  III-IV  1./2. 
PHYS-C6370  Fundamentals of New Energy Sources  I-II  1./2. 
PHYS-E0483  Advances in New Energy Technologies  III-IV  1./2. 
PHYS-E6570  Solar Energy Engineering  III-IV  1./2. 
PHYS-E6571  Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Technology  III-IV  1./2. 
PHYS-E6572  Advanced Wind Power Technology  I-II  1./2. 
PHYS-E0582  Special Course in Advanced Energy Technologies: Basics of climate change (MOOC, in cooperation with SITRA and other Finnish universities)       
PHYS-E0544  Individual Studies in Physics: Hands-on course in energy science       

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