Degree structure

Director of degree programme: Professor in Practice Niina Nurmi

Professor in charge at the School of Science: Matti Vartiainen

Degree: Master of Science (Technology), 120 ECTS

Abbreviation: IDBM

Description of the programme

The International Design Business Management (IDBM) is a joint master’s programme between Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, School of Business, and School of Science. IDBM educates students with arts, business and engineering backgrounds as T-shaped professionals providing them with a strategic view into management of international design-intensive businesses, operations, and product and service development. The objective is to gain knowledge in multiple disciplines and to learn to connect one’s own disciplinary expertise to a wider multi-disciplinary design business framework.

The IDBM programme has an overarching objective of enabling students to act as future world-class professionals in global business development environment when designing products, services and technologies. This is achievable through developing systemic and integrative cross-disciplinary skills and competences within the two-year programme. The objective for learners coming from technical backgrounds is to gain competences in multiple dimensions of design, business and technology and on both strategic and operative levels. Therefore, the objective is for learners to gain a multi- and interdisciplinary understanding of design needs in the globalized context, being able to acknowledge the value and tools, practices and mental models of other professions in joint undertakings and apply them creatively in design of concepts and innovative products and services. This kind of competences are needed in complex design projects and turbulent operational environments of new ventures and other emerging forms of organizations. Achieving systemic competences requires a deep understanding of multidisciplinarity in the knowledge-intensive context, together with well-developed abilities in strategic foresight and agile working methods. The global and international approach of the programme is based on the interaction of individuals beyond national and cultural groups.

Degree structure

The degree consists of a major (65 cr), elective studies (25 cr), and the master’s thesis (30 cr).         

Degree structure, long major


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