Students can apply for the master's degree after completing the bachelor's degree, when all courses required for the master's degree have been completed and the master's thesis is done. Students can apply for the approval and evaluation of the master's thesis and for the master's degree graduation in the same Degree Programme Committee meeting. The Dean grants the degrees.

Master’s degree awarded with distinction

Students who have demonstrated excellent knowledge of their field in their studies, and particular maturity and sense of judgment in the master’s thesis may be awarded a diploma for the degree of Master of Science (Technology) with distinction. The decision on awarding a degree with distinction rests with the Dean of the School of Science.

A degree may be awarded with distinction if the weighted grade average of the courses included in the degree, excluding the master’s thesis and the grade of the master’s thesis are at least 4.0. Courses graded ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ shall not be included in the calculation. 

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