The degree program has four options for a major. The majors provide an area of specialization within the program, allowing the student to develop expertice within the selected field of Strategy and Venturing, Operations and Service Management, or Leadership and Knowledge Management. Additionally, the degree program provides major in Strategy (a joint program with Aalto School of Business). Each of the majors provide a specific view to the fundamental goal of the program that is to educate graduates with knowledge, skills and will to create and transform technology-based businesses in new or established firms.

The students of IEM program can select any of the four majors.  Students admitted directly to the major in Strategy (offered in cooperation with the Aalto School of Business) must complete this major, naturally.

Each major has compulsory and optional courses. The common compulsory element in each major is one of the available Research Assignment courses in IEM best addressing the field of the major. The three majors Leadership and Knowledge Management, Operations and Service Management and Strategy and Venturing, have also other common structural features, especially the integrative courses. In these three majors, the creation and transformation of technology-based business is examined from three complementary perspectives: strategy, operations, and people. Although each major focuses on the core of one perspective by offering 25 cr of compulsory courses in the field of major, the two other perspectives are covered by integrative courses. The student may enrich her knowledge by the optional courses.

Strategy has specific features as it is jointly organized with Aalto School of Business.


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