Operations and Service Management

Professor in charge: Kari Tanskanen

Extent: 45 credits

Code: SCI3049

Operations management covers issues from operations strategy to efficient execution of operations, i.e., from configuring appropriate resources and processes into a production system that best contributes the organization’s goals and competitive advantage to managing the production system in order to provide the best match with demand and supply. The major in operations and service management builds on the generic principles on operations management but emphasizes the novel ways of encountering the challenges and utilizing the opportunities related to creating and transforming technology-based business.

Advanced production systems cross organizational borders and utilize external resource networks effectively in global scale. Business models have developed beyond the conventional manufacturing-focused forms into service systems and project or solution business. As technological, social or organisational innovations emerge, resources and processes in production systems should be vigorously re-configured for improved performance from customers’, network partners’ and society’s perspective. Sustainability, effectiveness and efficiency are all important elements of performance. Consequently, the major in operations and service management focuses on operations strategy, management of operations in inter-organizational systems, as well as the life-cycle management of production systems and their offerings to clients. Industrial service systems, project business framework, and integration of digital technologies into operations are central contextual themes.


The students majoring in operations and service management attain comprehensive understanding of modern operations and service management practices and the underlying theories. They learn

  • how to plan and control operations in multi-firm context
  • how to configure and manage resources and processes in inter-organizational relationships
  • how to analyse the performance of and the risks related to modern production systems through the relevant life cycle
  • how to manage value in production systems according to the requirements of the dynamic business environments.

Operations Management is a wide field with a lot of diverse career paths. Operations manager is just one typical entry position, which may gradually lead to an executive role, such as COO (Chief operating officer), in a larger organization. Because managing operations means getting the right things done, it is excellent training for general management duties and it gives capabilities to run a new venture, as well. There are also several fields of specialization in operations management enabling diverse positions in a variety of organizations already in the beginning of the career. Furthermore, expert positions in consulting, research or educational organisations are possible.

Content and structure






Compulsory courses 25-27 credits:


Service Operations Management            



1. year


Advanced  Operations Management



1. year


Advanced Project-based Management



1. year


Management of External Resources



1. year


Research Assignment in Operations and Service Management



1.year OR 2.year

Integrative courses in the field of the programme, 10 credits *:



Choose 5 credits from the course list of Leadership and Knowledge Management:




TU-E3020 Knowledge Management in Practice 5 I-II  
TU-E3010 Leading as Practice 5 III-IV  
TU-E3031 Collaboration in Teams and Networks 5 I-II  
TU-E3040 Human Potential 5 III-IV  
  Choose 5 credits from the course list of Strategy and Venturing:





Strategy Process


TU-E1010 Advanced Strategic Management 5 I  
TU-E1021 Strategies for Growth and Renewal 5 III-IV  
TU-E1030 Advanced Case-Seminar in Strategy 5 I  
Optional courses 8-10 credits       
  Choose 8-10 credits from the list of optional courses 8-10   HOPS

*) Consider pre-requisites and possible quotas when selecting integrative courses.
Note: Only one Research Assignment is allowed in the major!


Framtidens Industriföretag (FIF)

FIF is a Nordic interdisciplinary programme for engineering students. Students of Industrial Engineering and Management can apply to part in FIF. The application round is organized annually in March/April.

FIF programme is especially compatible with Operations and Service Management major. Course choices for the FIF programme are confirmed in the student's personal study plan after consultation with the professor. FIF courses can be included in major and/or minor, and elective studies. For more information on FIF, please see fif.aalto.fi


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