What you need to do when you arrive


At the university

  • Participate in the orientation (organised in the beginning of the autumn and spring term)
  • Get to know places at the university
  • Start registering for courses using the WebOodi system
  • Remember that you can always ask for help from your own school or from your tutor!
  • See also Arrival Checklist


For new international student

Please note that these instructions apply to students, who have foreign educational background. Students with Finnish educational background should follow the instructions given in their admission material. Please note that enrolment instructions are subject to change, so you should always check the student information portal Into for up-to-date information.

New international students have to enroll personally upon arrival at their own Aalto School. As a new student, you are advised to plan your arrival so that you can participate in the orientation. If, for some reason, your arrival is delayed, you have to contact the Learning Services beforehand – failure to enroll during enrolment period will result you to lose your study place. If you wish to attend lectures and examinations and earn credits, you must register as attending.


Student Union membership fee

All Aalto University’s bachelor’s and master’s degree seeking students who register as attending are required to join the Student Union (AYY) by paying the membership fee prior to enrolment. For guest students (exchange and other guest students) joining the Student Union is optional but highly recommended. As a member of the Student Union you get many benefits. You can also get a student card that makes your life in Finland easier in many ways. If you decide to become a member of the Student Union, please pay the membership fee prior to enrolment.

For doctoral students, the Student Union membership fee is optional. Membership requires payment of the membership fee. Please note that as a doctoral student you are not entitled to student discounts, even if you are a member of the Student Union.

For more information on student union membership, please see the AYY homepage ayy.fi

New students can pay the AYY membership fee at a Student Union Office, which are located at

Otaniemi campus: Otakaari 11, 02150 Espoo
See location on map
opening hours: weekdays 9-11 and 12-16 (cashier services are open 12-14)
email: otaniemi(a)ayy.fi
telephone: +358 50 520 9400 / +358 50 520 9401

Arabia campus: Hämeentie 135 C, 5. floor, room 564 (entrance C),
00560 Helsinki
See location on a map
opening hours: mon & fri 12-14, tue-thu 12-15
email: arabia(a)ayy.fi
telephone: +358 50 520 9489

campus: Runeberginkatu 14-16, 00260 Helsinki
See location on a map
ONLY 6.9.2017


You can use cash or credit card to make the payment.

Please bring with you your letter of admission.

If you wish to pay the fee in a bank, payment instructions are available in the AYY webpage at http://ayy.fi/en/students/membership-and-fees/payment-instructions/

The student union membership fee for bachelor- and master-level students is €116 for the academic year or €57 for the autumn term and €59 for the spring term. The membership fee for doctoral level (postgraduate) students is €42 for the academic year or €20 for the autumn term and €22 for the spring term.

Please keep the receipt of the paid student union membership fee and also your certificate of student status showing that you have joined the student union. You can use one of these two documents as proof of your AYY membership on campus until you get your student card. Before you get the card, these documents will entitle you to basic health care services from the Finnish Student Health Services (FSHS) and to student discounts in university canteens and restaurants.


How to enroll as attending

The enrolment takes place at the Learning Services of Your Aalto School. Please bring with you:

  • Receipt of the paid Student Union fee.
    Note that the fee must be paid prior to enrolment. Fee is compulsory for master’s degree students and optional for exchange and other guest students, and doctoral students.
  • Passport or an internationally recognised identification card for citizens of EU countries
  • Admission letter

During enrolment you need to fill in the registration information form. You will be given a personal student number and a certificate of student status. During enrolment you will also receive your Aalto IT account username and password.

The certificate of student status is an important document which you may need later on for many purposes (opening a bank account, signing the tenancy agreement etc.). It is not possible to get the certificate of student status before completing your enrolment.

-     For the students who pay tuition fees: if you are liable to pay tuition fee, please make sure that the fee has been paid by the due date indicated in the invoice sent to you. Enrolling as attending is not possible unless the fee has been paid and the amount has been received by the university.

For continuing students

Students must enrol each year to confirm whether they are attending or non-attending.

If you wish to earn credits, you must register as attending. The official enrolment period for the new academic year usually begins in mid-May and lasts until mid-September. During the enrolment period you should enrol online either as attending or non-attending. If you need a certificate of student status for the next academic year (e.g. for extending your residence permit), it can be obtained from the Learning Services of your school.

For students who pay tuition fees, invoice will be sent before enrollment period for the next academic year begins.