Student Card and Discounts

The student card is your means to prove that you're a student in Finland in all situations necessary. With the card, you can access all benefits of your own student group, such as national student deals (e.g. train and bus discounts, student-priced meals, Finnish Student Health Service). In addition, you will gain access to all of Frank's (a student’s own discount service) national and global deals. More information about ordering the student card can be found on AYY’s website.  More information about student health services in chapter Health, about sports in chapter Sports, and about public transport in Transportation.

Student Cafeterias

There are several student restaurants and canteens on Aalto campuses that offer inexpensive meals for students. You can get the student discount by showing your student card. If you are not a member of the student union, you can ask for a KELA meal subsidy card from the Learning Services of your School. Many student restaurants also give a discount for Doctoral level students. This discount is smaller than the one given to Bachelor’s and Master’s level students. A list of the cafeterias can be found in Into: