Staying well is a top priority when you arrive in a new environment, adjust to life at Aalto University, and begin your studies.  Both mental well-being and physical health are significant for academic success. Therefore:

  • Take care of yourself physically by exercising regularly, eating nutritiously, getting enough sleep, and seeing a doctor promptly if health concerns arise.
  • Maintain your social well-being by staying connected to friends and family at home and becoming involved on campus to make new friends at Aalto. We all need friends and activities that provide relaxation and fun.
  • Care for yourself emotionally. Transitioning to a new university community can be stressful and you may have feelings and worries that you don’t normally experience. It is important to be aware of your feelings and reactions, as you begin life in Finland and at Aalto and reach out for support early on if you feel that you are having difficulties with coping.
  • Set yourself up for academic success by establishing both academic and personal goals and priorities, learning effective time management strategies and strengthening your study skills.

Transition to a new country, culture and academic institution is very demanding and untreated health problems can further challenge you.

Nyyti - student support centre

Nyyti students' support centre offers confidential counselling, support and an outsider's perspective on various situations in life, when you feel helpless or cannot cope alone. Nyyti's most popular services are web groups where we discuss various themes during the academic terms. In cooperation with Nyyti, AYY organises hang out nights that are open to all students. See the hangout night dates in AYY's event calendar or weekly newsletter.